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CEEK VR App – The Future of Music Concerts and Live Performances


Attending a live performance of your favorite artist can be very expensive, too far away to attend or simply sold out. Thanks to virtual reality, fans can easily attend the event of the dream from their home or anywhere on the planet.  CEEK VR is a pioneer in realistic content delivered through ground-breaking virtual reality technology.

Founded in 2016, CEEK VR offers the best digital content available. CEEK has developed its own technology compatible with smartphones, Smart TVs, desktops, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality devices. Furthermore, through strategic partnerships with major companies in the industry such as Universal Music, Apple, and T-Mobile, CEEK has acquired access to exclusive content that has been adapted to experience through virtual reality; providing a unique approach to digital content.


Through CEEK’s technology, users will be able to virtually attend live performances in an immersive and realistic way with the aid of Virtual Reality, while physically being anywhere in the world.

The company has developed an App, available for iOS App Store, Android Play Store, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC, Gear VR, iPad, and Smart TVs; users everywhere can enjoy the best VR quality content. With a very user-friendly interface, the CEEK VR app offers a 360 venue that magnifies and transforms any smartphone into the most exhilarating concert arena. Users can easily register using either a Facebook account or an email address. After registration, users are asked to select a display mode between 2d, 360 from the smartphone only, or with virtual reality glasses.

Once selected, users can experience top-quality content either from their phones or with the use of virtual reality goggles. The app offers an intuitive menu that immediately showcases the hot shows that are being streamed on the platform. After selecting a specific event, it just takes a few seconds to load up and you can enjoy live performances from Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Miley Cirus, The Killers and more.

Users have already rated the app describing it as a “Cool Experience”:

CEEK VR magnifies the excitement of any video by transforming your phone into the most engulfing mega theater. CEEK’s award-winning patented 4D virtual reality audio and visual technology will immerse you into a new form of entertainment as if you were front seat watching your favorite artist perform.

In addition, by Q2 2020 CEEK VR will launch a Live Streaming platform which will make it possible for ceekers (CEEK Users) to enjoy the energy of live events with others from around the globe at the same time in the same venue.

CEEK VR has partnered up with Microsoft to offer artists a new way to track their royalties and automatically get paid via smart contracts. Through the development of a distributed ledger blockchain built on Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain, content creators will be able to tokenize physical or digital assets. The tokenization of smart tickets for content creators will enable easy tracking of content viewership on the blockchain. This mechanism ensures royalty payouts to artists are based on trustworthy data, easily verifiable on an unaltered ledger. Furthermore, content creators will also be able to tokenize merchandise and track sales in real-time through the usage of blockchain technology. Artists would finally be able to be fairly and quickly compensated for their work, increasing their revenue by offering live performances to fans around the world.

For more information on the platform visit www.ceek.com and for more information on the blockchain visit Ceek.io


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