Bitcoin has been surging so much this year that it’s caught the eye of several celebrities, the most recent one being Maisie Williams of “Game of Thrones” fame.

Maisie Williams Is Considering Digital Currency

The world’s number one cryptocurrency by market cap has shot up from below $4,000 to about $19,000 at the time of writing. In many ways, the currency has reversed its 2017-2018 run. As we remember, the asset struck the $19,000+ mark during December of 2017 three years ago. About 11 months later, the currency was trading for less than $4,000.

Clearly, bitcoin has made serious headway in recent weeks and months, and many high-profile celebs are looking at the asset and trying to decipher if they’re potentially missing out. Williams is one of the most recent figures to turn her attention to bitcoin. She recently went on Twitter and asked bitcoin fans everywhere if they could help her out with her recent dilemma.

Some of the most prominent bitcoin fans and industry experts out there worked to give her an educated answer, such as Mike Novogratz. The former hedge fund manager turned crypto billionaire investor offered Williams a little advice, saying that there were plenty of new buyers looking to get involved quickly, and thus it was probably a mistake not to step in right away.

According to Dan Herron – financial adviser at Elemental Wealth Advisors in San Luis Obispo, California – one of the big problems with the crypto space is that despite the fact that there are many resources out there in which one can go to check out crypto data, very few of these resources offer any sort of definitive answers. In addition, they lack authority, and often are unable to differentiate the many benefits that cryptocurrencies may possess.

He comments that while it’s foolish for anyone to put all their money into crypto – or into any single asset space for that matter – he does believe that holding crypto in one’s portfolio is becoming more and more important each day. He mentions:

You might consider it if you have the ability to maybe put five percent of your portfolio in there and just let it rise and see what happens.

Not Everyone Is a Fan

However, despite all the hype and hoopla surrounding bitcoin nowadays, the fact remains that many individuals still view it through a skeptical lens. For example, Gary Cohn – a former economic chief to Donald Trump – explained that he feels bitcoin lacks integrity and cannot compare to any real financial market tool. He says:

Part of the integrity of a system is knowing who owns it and knowing who has it and knowing why it’s being transferred. The bitcoin system today has no transparency to it, so there are a lot of people that question why you would need a system that does not have an audit trail.

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