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Chain Partners With IC3 To Create Better Financial Blockchain Networks


The world of cryptocurrency continues to make positive media headlines over the past few weeks. Chain Inc, a company well-known for their blockchain network development solutions, has partnered with IC3. The Initiative for Cryptocurrency and Contracts is a powerful ally for Chain, as this will eventually lead to building robust and interoperable software to meet the scaling demands of the financial sector.

Chain Steps up Their Blockchain Development Game

Building a scalable blockchain solution is not as easy as some parties may think it is. Chain, while having plenty of experience when it comes to building blockchain networks, has found a valuable partner in IC3. Together, these two entities will focus on scalability that can compete with existing payment systems.

IC3 is an initiative run by several universities across the US – including Cornell and Berkeley – as well as the Technion. Its primary purpose is to advancing blockchain development by combining different areas of expertise. Participants and developers have multiple years of experience in distributed systems, programming languages, game theory, and, of course, cryptography.

IC3 Co-director Professor Emin Gun Sirer told the media:

“We are delighted to have Chain join IC3 as a Sponsor member. The Chain team shares our vision of ubiquitous blockchain-based networks that are fast, scalable, confidential and secure. We look forward to collaborating with Chain to accelerate the deployment and adoption of reliable smart contract solutions.”

Chain will be hosting the next IC3 retreat in February of 2017. This invitation-only workshop discusses current advancements in blockchain and cryptography. Moreover, it also explains the future vision of IC3, with a strong focus on security, compliance, privacy, and performance.It will also mark the first time Chain hosts such an event.

Securing blockchain networks – both public or private version – requires a strong knowledge of cryptography. This particular field of expertise is always evolving, and modern protocols need to be implemented. Together with versatile software engineering capabilities, both teams will have all of the necessary tools to transform the financial infrastructure as we know it.

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