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ChangeTip, Direct Relief Raising Funds to Help Expectant Mothers


Bitcoin is considered to be an ideal solution for charitable industry because of the fast, easy money transfer option it provides along with negligible transaction charges associated with these transfers, no matter where it is transferred from. There are few bitcoin based organizations who are already involved in charitable causes, some of them including BitGive Foundation, Sean’s Outpost etc.

While these organizations are by themselves non-profit, charitable organizations, there is one bitcoin based company which is instrumental in enabling organizations and causes to raise bitcoin donations. Now the company, ChangeTip has collaborated with Direct Relief which is a charitable organization to launch fundraising campaigns. Direct Relief is already labelled as a 100% efficient organization by Forbes magazine for its efficiency when it comes to utilization of received funds. By collaborating with ChangeTip and running bitcoin based fundraising, Direct Relief will now be able to make fundraising more efficient , thereby increasing its overall efficiency.

ChangeTip in association with Direct Relief will be launching a total of eight fundraising campaigns. The main aim of these campaigns is to prevent pregnancy related deaths and childbirth complications which are prevalent in many developing nations. The statistics show that at least one such complication or death occurs every two minutes in these countries. These complications can be prevented with just $5 worth of vitamin supplements, and this campaign intends to raise funds to procure these prenatal vitamins for over 2000 expectant mothers in West African countries of Liberia and Sierra Leone.

By running the campaign in association with ChangeTip, Direct Relief will be able to receive 100% of the total funds raised using bitcoin and channel the same to those in need. According to ChangeTip, Direct Relief was referred to the company by its users who donated to Nepal Earthquake relief and given that Direct Relief already had a ChangeTip account, the company decided to work together and help the organization raise funds to meet the requirements of these expectant mothers in developing nations.


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