Imagine you are someone who built his life around the internet and now you are resting in a 6ft X 9ft or 9ft X 12ft cell for a long time without having access to the internet. How do your reach out to people and online communities when your only line to online communication is the prison email network?

What I just described to you is the life Charlie Shrem is currently living in a prison where is he serving his 2-year sentence. Once a well-known person in the bitcoin ecosystem, Charlie still continues to hold a significant weightage in the bitcoin community. He is not resting easy in the prison, instead he is constantly interacting with the community on various forums, mainly

Charlie Shrem has now joined hands with Roger Ver to hold a AMA (ask-me-anything) sessions where he will be answering questions on Now, how is he going to achieve that while being in a slammer? That’s the interesting part. They will be making use of the current system in place to communicate. In this case, it is the existing prison email system which Charlie Shrem as access to. So, during the AMA, Roger Ver will be the acting middleman who will be sending the questions and responses back and forth between the AMA platform and Charlie Shrem.

Charlie Shrem is doing prison time for his alleged involvement with Silk Road. He is one of the pioneers in the bitcoin industry who founded the Bitcoin Foundation with others and also operated a bitcoin exchange by the name- BitInstant. Charlie Shrem has also served as the vice chairman of Bitcoin Foundation before winning a not so much deserved trip to the prison.

He has been making use of the time in prison to help other convicts who are working on their diplomas while reading lots of books and even educating them on bitcoin and its virtues.

Report : Bloomberg Business
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