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Charlie Shrem’s Lawyer Continues to Assert His Client’s Innocence


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In an update from a previous article published last week, Charlie Shrem’s lawyer Brian Klein is insisting that his client did not steal 5,000 bitcoins from the Winklevoss Twins, and that recent court documents will likely prove Shrem’s innocence.

Some History for You

Last week, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss of the Gemini Exchange in New York filed suit against early Bitcoin investor Charlie Shrem for allegedly using 5,000 BTC he owed them to purchase powerboats, luxury vehicles and several pieces of real estate. Shrem has insisted in the past that he was penniless prior to entering prison in 2016 for helping people illegally purchase drugs online.

In addition, Shrem also claims that he served as a dishwasher for several months after his release before re-entering the Bitcoin space. Given his weak financial history as of late, many questions have arisen regarding where the money to make such purchases came from.

Could Shrem Be Innocent?

Shrem was hired by the Winklevoss Twins in 2012 to help them accumulate a massive stash of assorted cryptocurrencies. However, it is alleged that Shrem misappropriated roughly $61,000 or 5,000 BTC, which the Twins had given to Shrem prior to seeking his assistance. The Gemini founders are now seeking what they claim is rightfully theirs.

Brian Klein disagrees, and states that case is based on false pretenses. In a recently filed motion, Klein has allegedly sent several pieces of email correspondence to the judge presiding over the case that suggest the 5,000 BTC in question came from an individual that the motion identifies as “Mr. X.” While the person’s real name is not given for privacy purposes, the emails allegedly show that Mr. X transferred the 5,000 coins himself to a BTC wallet under Shrem’s name.

Your Accounts Are Accessible

If this is true, it would potentially suggest that the Winklevoss Twins’ money was not inappropriately handled, and that Shrem is innocent of the charges. In addition, Klein is saying that neither Cameron nor Tyler Winklevoss has been able to provide any substantial evidence proving that Shrem purposely behaved in a fraudulent manner.

Prior to Klein’s recent filing, Shrem’s bank accounts and financial assets were put under a temporary freeze. However, Judge Jed Rakoff in New York has since removed the freeze and is allowing Shrem to access his financials, asserting that the freeze is unnecessary to continue the investigation.

Shrem will face a jury in April of next year when the case is set for trial.

Is Shrem guilty, or is this all just a big misunderstanding? Post your comments below!

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