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Charting Bitgert Coin’s Trajectory: Aiming for $0.0001


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Most investors are getting the high energy and growing optimism around the Bitgert coin as of late. There is also growing speculation that the Bitgert coin price could be aiming for the $0.0001 price in the coming days. This is news that has been spreading like wildfire in the altcoin market in the past 3 weeks. Also, the price movement over the last 3 weeks has been showing a potential for this surge to be sooner than we expect. Let us look at this possibility from two different angles, first from the price action point of view and the other from the community rallying towards the coin.


But before we go into detail about the Bitgert coin, let’s talk about how the Bitgert coin has been moving in the last few weeks. There has been growing engagement across exchanges and further demand for the coin. The utility for the Bitgert BRISE has been beyond average in the last few months. Many crypto traders and web3 developers have continually found a new use for the Bitgert coin in the last weeks because of the solutions Bitgert is introducing.

Let’s not digress too much. Let’s talk about the potential for Bitgert to go on a price surge in the coming weeks.

Defining a Potential Price Surge for Bitgert from the Price Action

Looking at Bitgert BRISE price in the last 3 weeks, it shows the price action of a coin that is about to go on a bullish run. This is very important to note because oftentimes, the price action tells us the behavior of traders earlier than any other thing could suggest. Using the suggestion from the Bitgert price action, we can deduce a possible bullish run that might last more than 3 weeks because the highs are showing a multi-week high.

Taking the suggestions from the Bitgert price action a step further, a combination that involves the MACD indicator is showing a strong convergence. Taking the suggestion from the indicators, we could be getting a strong bullish move soon and this could take it past the $0.0001 level in just a few weeks.

Understanding the Community Reaction to the Bitgert Price Movement in The Last Weeks And The Way Forward

One thing needs to be mentioned more, and this is the fact that the price movement of the Bitgert coin in the last 5 weeks or thereabouts has been a response to the growing demand for the Bitgert coin. This includes the trading activities from smaller traders and major investors.

But, a general deduction from the price movement suggests many traders are getting active with the Bitgert coin. With the persistent trade and growing investors, the $0.0001 price range is not looking farfetched.


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