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Cheelee – The Breakthrough of 2023: How Social Media Delivers Basic Income Worldwide


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Cheelee, a GameFi short video platform, emerged as a game-changer by introducing a groundbreaking concept – the delivery of basic income to people all over the globe by watching feed.

What sets Cheelee apart from traditional social media is its unique approach to distributing revenue. Instead of distributing solely to content makers, Cheelee introduced an innovative economic model that redistributed wealth back to its users, who watch feed. This concept harnessed social networks’ potential to propel financial empowerment.

Web3 Social Media Landscape

In the constantly changing Web3 social network ecosystem, several crypto startups have emerged as notable players, including Cheelee, Steemit, Minds, Akasha, Synereo, and Indorse. Cheelee stands out nonetheless because of its original concept. While other SocialFi platforms require content production for monetization, Cheelee has revolutionized the landscape by allowing ordinary users to become beneficiaries.

By adhering to the philosophy of the Attention Economy, Cheelee compensates its participants for their active engagement and time spent consuming the platform`s content. With the help of this ground-breaking strategy, Cheelee is gaining more and more prominence because it has made it possible for a larger proportion of social media users to profit financially from their involvement.

Cheelee Pays You For Watching Feeds

Unlike its competitors, Cheelee thanks to its well-developed GameFi mechanics, allows users to earn on watching feeds. By purchasing and upgrading Digital (formerly NFT) glasses, everyone can get X2 income in tokens.

Cheelee’s introduction of basic income has far-reaching socioeconomic implications. By ensuring a minimum level of income for all its users, Cheelee addresses issues such as poverty, unemployment, and economic instability.

“We want Cheelee to be the tool that enables every mobile phone owner to make money from their attention,” Cheelee CEO and founder Ruslan Sharov says. “We see our mission as some kind of countering the trend when AI takes jobs from people. We’ve created an app where any user can start earning money steadily. You can support a household, study, or start your first business with this income. In our app, high technologies are applied in the interests of humanity”.

How to Start Earning in Cheelee

  • Sign up and get free Digital Glasses;
  • Watch the feed and get boxes with LEE tokens;
  • Buy Digital Glasses and get LEE tokens while watching the feed;
  • Upgrade Digital Glasses and choose the best strategy for earning.

The marketplace lists the Digital glasses for between $51.5 and $1854. According to reports from Cheelee users on the project’s social networks, the revenue generated while utilizing this tool may be x1,8-2,2. Users may earn quite a substantial income after investing their initial earnings into leveling up their existing glasses and purchasing additional ones. When their glasses reach high levels, their earnings in Cheelee can eventually become their basic income.


Cheelee’s breakthrough highlights social media’s enormous potential as a force for positive change. By merging technology, connectivity, and economic empowerment, Cheelee has paved the way for a future where SocialFi platforms can serve as catalysts for socioeconomic progress. The success of Cheelee’s approach also provides a chance for legislators and governments to reassess the notion of basic income and look for ways to implement it outside of the digital realm.

Cheelee’s advent in 2023 marked a groundbreaking moment in the evolution of social networks and economic empowerment. By reinventing the income distribution paradigm, Cheelee has transformed social media from a source of mere entertainment into a tool for socioeconomic progress.


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