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Chess Master Garry Kasparov Is a Big BTC Fan


Renowned chess master Garry Kasparov has always been a big supporter of and believer in bitcoin despite its price having fallen so much.

Garry Kasparov Gives His Thoughts on BTC

In a recent interview, Kasparov talked about how he believed that the fusion of charitable acts and current technology could potentially help bring about new policies for delivering human rights to victimized parties and for helping the fight for freedom. He said:

You know, I don’t pretend to be an expert in tech, but I’m more you know, just on the philosophy side — why I believe it is necessary. Because technology is a tool. Technology is agnostic. It’s how we use it. So, I think we’ve reached the point where we [need] to embrace every technology that empowers individuals. Even if we have negative elements of technology, because oh, like bitcoin and all the cryptos they can be used for bad guys for money laundering. Money laundering has existed since when money was invented. I feel like it [”crypto”] is a part of the global fight for empowered individuals and we’re not only talking about the terrorist agenda of dictators and terrorists and all sorts of authoritarians.

He stated that one of the reasons so many politicians and agencies like the Fed have nothing but angry, negative things to say about bitcoin is because they realize it’s taking away their power. Their goal is to consistently control our pockets and remain ahead of macroeconomics. He said:

They print more money, and you know, our savings are devalued. [Suddenly], there is something that is based in math, something that is based on technology that offers equal opportunity to you and to me and Warren Buffett.

What About Bank-Issued Digital Currencies?

Kasparov was also asked about digital currencies issued by centralized banks, such as the digital yuan. He mentioned:

Digital currency, you know, must be decentralized. Otherwise, it’s not a digital currency the way we understand it. There will be attempts, not only from China to take it to put it under control, but that they go against the tide… Yes, China is powerful, the Chinese are powerful, but they are fighting the world… My daughter will be 16 in three months. So, you know, let’s say five years from now she’ll be 21. My son will be 12, and I mean to them, crypto will be even more natural than that. What is the dollar? I mean, it’s disappearing cash. So, you’re talking about online payments, payments made by credit cards. So, we are already moving in this direction. So, the idea of the dollar, this becomes more and more vague. So, they understand that payments are digital, and I think for them the transition from dollar into crypto will be very natural.


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