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Chicago Gets Its Own Bitcoin Centre


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The city of Chicago, host of ongoing Inside Bitcoins Conference now has its own Bitcoin Centre. Information about the new Bitcoin Centre was made public in an announcement during the conference.

The importance of Blockchain technology has been widely understood now, and there are hundreds of companies that are currently working on various applications of this technology powering Bitcoin. One of the Chicago based venture capital firms, Tally Capital has understood it really well and it has decided to further nurture the innovation happening in Blockchain technology sphere by partially funding the establishment of Chicago Bitcoin Centre.

The new Bitcoin Centre is strategically located at 1871 – the entrepreneurial hub of Chicago. The place houses over 300 digital start-ups. In order to encourage Bitcoin usage, the Chicago Bitcoin Centre will be paying in Bitcoins for the rented office space at 1871. The owners of 1871 have agreed to collect rent in Bitcoin, not only from the Bitcoin Centre but also from other start-ups housed in the building.

The Chicago Bitcoin Centre will not only act as Bitcoin information centre, but it will also provide incubation facilities for Bitcoin based start-ups in the region. Start-ups undergoing incubation at the Bitcoin Centre can make use of office space and connect with other important start-ups and innovators and entrepreneurs who may prove helpful to these Bitcoin start-ups. Chicago Bitcoin Centre already has four Bitcoin status working out of its space — Bloq, OasisCoin, Glidera and Red Leaf.

Creating exclusive hubs like Chicago Bitcoin Centre is very essential to encourage and foster Bitcoin based start-up ecosystem. Especially during the times when people are exploring the potential of Blockchain technology in every possible sector. With more dedicated centres like Chicago Bitcoin Centre, we can expect more Bitcoin based companies to see light of the day and accelerate the development of Blockchain technology in no time.

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