Christian Angermayer is a 42-year-old German billionaire that seems to have become a big fan of cryptocurrencies.

Angermayer Probably Has Money to Throw Around

To be fair, he is a big fan of many things, claiming that he invests primarily in things that he has grown “curious” about. Perhaps when you have billions to throw around like that, you do not have to think much about where the money goes. You can potentially place it anywhere and just stand by and see what happens. If it results in serious profits, fantastic. Otherwise, it is probably not much of a loss in the long run.

But among the things that Angermayer has grown curious about is cryptocurrency, and over the past 12 months, he has managed to get his fingers on roughly $1 billion worth through his family office Apeiron Investment Group. He has also invested in many other industries including Hollywood movies, space travel and cannabis.

In an interview, he states:

I just invest in what I am very curious and passionate about… It excites me.

Angermayer is likely not known amongst the public, as he does not deal primarily in mainstream financial arenas. However, he has managed to accumulate relationships with some of the world’s leading financial figures – something that has led to some serious profits and lasting benefits. Individuals such as Mike Novogratz – the former head of Galaxy Digital and a billionaire investor – have taken notice and believe that others should be following in his footsteps if they are looking to become serious traders themselves.

Novogratz says:

He is probably the best networker I have ever met. He has built this amazing network of people who like and have learned to trust him because he has made them money. As a capital raiser, he is awesome.

Amongst the big financial deals Angermayer has made in the last few years include garnering more than $15 million from executives at SoftBank as a “finder’s fee” for introducing them to members of Wirecard AG. This allowed SoftBank to make a $1 billion investment in the latter.

Angermayer has also garnered quite a bit through investing in a company known as AbCellera Biologics Inc., which has developed a drug designed to fight the coronavirus pandemic. The company is also developing a new depression-fighting pharmaceutical drug that is based on ingredients found in “magic mushrooms.”

Moving Up the Ladder

His influence and political power have also grown heavily in the past few years. He presently holds regular meetings with Angela Merkel – the chancellor of his home country of Germany – and is an adviser to Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda. Benedikt Franke – CEO of the Munich Security Conference – said of Angermayer:

He is an investor who has fully understood the importance of geopolitics for long-term security.

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