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How CHRYSOS Promises Big to the Cryptocurrency World


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Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency developed using blockchain technology. Blockchain is a public ledger of digital data transactions. Each block contains the data transacted, timestamp and a hash pointer. The hash pointer of each block connects to its previous block. This series of connected blocks is termed block chain or blockchain. Cryptocurrencies use cryptography for security. Being a decentralized data blocks makes it hacking proof or highly secured. The blockchain data are distributed in millions of PCs worldwide and each data blocks are connected with each other. First Cryptocurrency the world has seen is Bitcoin. It was launched in year 2009.

Blockchain is not limited to Cryptocurrencies. It is ready to revolutionize the technology world. It is the most disruptive technology so far the world has witnessed. The security and peer to peer data transactions without revealing each peer’s identity to the public ledger is the power to disrupt the technology market. CHRYSOS is a Cryptocurrency developed using the blockchain technology. CHRYSOS coins mining uses hybrid algorithm of proof-of-work (POW) and proof-of-stake (POS) for network security.

Mining is a process of validating a transaction or block in a network by the process of complex algorithms to prove and validate the transaction and then only add a new block to the chain. You need to have high power-processor based computers running continuously with the complex mining algorithms. As much mining power you have that much CHRYSOS coins you can have. To increase your mining power, you need to increase such number of GPU or CPU and also to increase the number of miners.

CHRYSOS coins are not just for trade of coins to book a good profit. A concept behind is the real world application of the coins. This real world application of CHRYSOS coins makes it different from the contemporary Cryptocurrencies. A staking of the coins itself will pay a 120% dividend on an average. There is a coin lending scheme for various periods. The dividend gains under the scheme will be paid on daily basis. The principal will be paid at the end of the tenure of lending period. The example of real-world application of the coins is CHRYSOS gambling on-chain. CHRYSOS gambling on-chain project will be launched for people using CHRYSOS coin to play and purchase with a verifiable track record, low execution cost, and their favourite choice of games.

How Lending Program of CHRYSOS is Different

CHRYSOS lending program is a pure lending plateform unlike other contemporary lending programs in the market. In traditional lending program investors’ have to invest in Cryptocurrency in the value of the USD and they will get their investment back in Cryptocurrency but in the value of the USD.

But with CHRYSOS you will have to invest in CHR coins in the value of the USD and you will get the exact amount of CHR coins at maturity. For example, you invested $1000 of CHR coins when the rate of CHR coin is $10 that means you invested 100 coins for $1000. In a time of maturing you will get 100 coins back in your wallet. At time of maturity if your CHR coin price is $100 then you will get $10000 equivalent of coins in your wallet. That means you will get your 100% assets back at time of maturity. This is where we move ahead of other such lending platforms.

We are going to launch Lending on 27th Jan 2018. Anyone can start subscribing to the lending program with their CHR Coins from 27th Jan on our lending portal.

CHRYSOS have its own internal exchange where anyone can buy or sell CHR coins. We are also listing CHR coins on external exchanges. Currently we finalized date of listing for Yobit and HitBTC. CHR Coin will be listed in both the exchanges on 27th Jan 2018. Also we will start our internal exchange on 27th Jan 2018. Anyone can start trading CHR coins on exchanges after the listing.



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