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Cihan Tuna Arslan Discusses His Long History with Crypto


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Cihan Tuna Arslan is a world traveler, educator, and engineer, and at the heart of all his journeys has been cryptocurrency.

Cihan Tuna Arslan on the Power of Crypto

In a recent discussion, Arslan talked about his love for the space and said:

Cryptocurrency is not money as it is known, but encrypted digital assets that are not dependent on any central authority and have a limited supply. This makes it a world-changing invention in creating a free and reliable money market without succumbing to inflation… Cryptocurrency is not to be understood as regular money, but as encrypted digital assets. It differs from banknotes in that it is not tied to any central authority and has a limited supply… Governments can print money as they wish, but there is a limited amount of cryptocurrency that can be generated. This makes it a valuable digital asset, protected by encryption algorithms, and not connected to any center like gold.

Arslan first began using crypto in December of 2015. That’s close to eight years ago. He was first introduced to the concept of crypto during that month, and at first, he didn’t think much of it, initially dismissing it as a bubble of sorts and giving it the cold shoulder.

However, he engaged in several weeks of research after that and came to realize what a true gift it is to the financial space. He later decided he needed to be involved and made his first crypto investment just a few months later in February of 2016. By the time he was 28 years of age, he had already made more than $1 million. On the differences between cryptos, he said:

There are currently around 12,000 cryptocurrencies in the market, each with [their] own differences in speed and security. The most preferred reason for investment is the profit opportunities [they] provide.

He acknowledged that the space can be quite risky, and he told all his followers that they’ll need to do their due diligence before simply jumping in headfirst. He commented:

The world of cryptocurrencies is active, and those who evaluate the market correctly can become millionaires in short periods. However, each cryptocurrency may be affected by various factors and may increase or decrease periodically. It is not wise to simply buy the cheapest cryptocurrency and wait for it to rise, as there is a risk of similar declines. It is important to understand the business and take steps calmly. The winners are those who dare to take the risks.

What He’s Aimed to Do

He finished his conversation with:

I am 34 years old [and an] engineer, writer, and educator who has traveled to many countries in pursuit of understanding the wonders of the world. I am trying to combine my love for nature with my expertise in modern technology to create unique insights and experiences.

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