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Cindicator ICO to Fund Revolutionary Predictive Analytics Platform


A FinTech startup aiming to combine the accuracy of artificial intelligence with the intuitiveness of human beings is looking for “intellectual investors”.

Cindicator, as the startup is titled, is a community-driven analytical platform – the first that is completely decentralized. It collects the wisdom of professional financial analysts and enhances the outcome of their mean with AI. By doing so, Cindicator proposes to improve the accuracy of a financial prediction, while removing any inherent bias that can naturally occur when dealing with a small, insular grouping.

The novel and noble approach have already earned Cindicator $500k in seed funding, and a top place in the Moscow Exchange Fintech Incubator competition. The FinTech company now plans to take the development of their platform further and has therefore decided to raise a maximum of $15 million through an ICO.

Enters CND Tokens

During the aforementioned ICO round, which will start September 12, 2017, and will run until October 12, 2017, Cindicator plans to issue institutionalized Ethereum tokens they refer as CND. This token will be available at the rate of $0.o1 per CND.

Cindicator confirms the coupling of many important features with the sold CND tokens. The startup means to offer market indices and sentiments that are generated by the hybrid intelligence, indicators for traditional and crypto-markets, auxiliary service products for trading, and various analytical products to CND holders. Cindicator also plans to place CND tokens on leading crypto-exchanges for an easy liquidity for the holders but after the completion of the crowdsale.

In addition to confirming equity, CND tokens also serve the purpose of handling Cindicator’s internal economy. The startup aims to reward participants, including forecasters and analysts, traders, financial investors, data scientists, and the Cindicator team, with CND tokens. By doing so, Cindicator will locate direct causality between the quality of their engagement and the result of real or simulated trading transactions or investments. An excerpt from the Cindicator whitepaper:

“For this reason,” explained Cindicator after the crowdsale and acquisition of the necessary licenses, we will allocate part of the funding to the trading portfolio (managed by Hybrid Intelligence). Potential pro t from this portfolio will be used to buy back CND tokens from exchanges (from their owners at market price) and the fur- their distribution of redeemed tokens between forecasters (in proportion to their rating, accuracy, and participation over a given period). Therefore, financial compensation for active ecosystem participants will be directly linked to the trading module performance.”

To know more about the Cindicator platform, please visit their official website.


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