is the latest addition to the list of hacked Bitcoin companies. According to reports, the bitcoin cloud mining service platform was recently hacked during the weekend and the entire database was stolen.

The hackers had altered the Norwegian company’s site and replaced the home page with an open offer to sell usernames, email addresses, passwords and other personal information of close to 80,000 bitcoin miners who were part of Due to the hacking incident, the company has also ended up losing an undisclosed amount of bitcoins.

Since last year had been offering mining contracts to people who are interested in bitcoin mining but don’t want to have their own mining setup. uses the processing power from remote data centres to mine bitcoins. The website is currently offline and it will remain so until the company develops a new website from scratch and host it back online.

Hackers have been selling the whole database to anyone who is willing to pay 1 BTC. The login data and other personal information harvested from’s servers can be used by someone with the right skills to social engineer and recover passwords for bitcoin wallets, email and social media accounts as well. They can use the information gathered through these means to create false identities as well.

The hacking incident was first reported on the company’s Bitcoin Talk account on July 6, after the company failed to process bitcoin pay-outs to its customers. The company decided to withhold bitcoin transfer as it couldn’t verify the authenticity of the wallet addresses in its database.

Earlier this year, the UK based Bitstamp bitcoin exchange reported over $5 million in bitcoins stolen due to a hacking incident. The hackers used phishing attack to gain access to employee’s systems, gaining access to Bitstamp’s servers and hot wallet.

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