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Coin.MX’s Connection to Wall Street Bank Hack


Connected to the previous article on Coin.mx, the links of Coin.mx’s promoters Anthony Murigo and Yuri Lebedev with Wall Street bank hackers was revealed during an investigation by the Israeli authorities. The US and Israeli investigations led to the arrests of four people in two different fraud schemes, liked together by the flow of funds.

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While United States Federal Bureau of Investigation and United States Secret Service arrested Anthony and Yuri for running a bitcoin exchange and money transfer service without the required licenses, the Israeli law enforcement officials have made two arrests in connection with the hacking attacks on JP Morgan and Chase and other Wall Street banks last year. Another co-conspirator is still at large.

As Israeli group of three people was involved in a pump and dump scheme for US traded penny stocks. According to information available with different new sources, all five people were involved in the hacking incident. The hacking incident is said to have happened in October last year.

The incident came to light when JPMorgan and Chase revealed that their systems were targeted by hackers, who stole personal information of over 76 million household customers and 7 million business customers over a span of time. The documents filed in Israeli court names Joshua Samuel Aaron, Grey Shalon and Zvi Orenstein as the accused in pump and dump scam. The documents do not make mention of the hacking incident.

It was discovered that one of the three accused in the stock scam was a friend and business associate of one of the accused in Coin.mx case. Also, a previous FBI report has linked them to the hacking incident on JPMC, Fidelity Investments and E*Trade Financial Corp.

Wall Street Journal has reported that all the five people from both cases are charged by US authorities for their links to the massive cyber-attack on Wall Street banks.


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William Markham
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