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CoinBlock Capital Combines Traditional Crypto Financing with Web3 latest revolutionary products.


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With many of the oldest Blockchain enterprises on the market sticking to tried and tested Web3 architectures, CoinBlock reaches out to brilliant projects that have yet to reach their full potential to help them achieve their vision while expanding its own Network of partners in an organic and efficient manner.

With the team behind Coinblock being full of younger talents, solid Web3 developers and veterans of the digital and crypto market, the stance taken to properly express the potential of the VC fund is somewhat different from other contemporaries.

While many of the older VC funds are approaching this bear market in a slow, conservative manner, CoinBlock merges solid investment opportunities in already proven niches, with some of the most promising new stars of the Web3 world, giving a chance to Metaverse, Ai, and Web3 data engines to shine in this new iteration of the digital market.

By consolidating its own position in well-established ecosystems with more conservative choices,  Coinblock leaves itself open to properly fund projects that have shown a lot of promise but haven’t realized that potential in a manner that the crypto market usually notices.

By expanding its own teams of analysts and advisors, and by allocating a considerable amount of resources to the development of said teams, CoinBlock is able to fully scrutinize what its partner project’s pain points are, as well as recognise their strengths.

This approach leaves CoinBlock with a lot of leeway on their collaborations since their team is able to create appropriate strategies to help with the most difficult phases of a project establishment, IE tokenomics development, initial funding, roadmap planning, and B2B networking.

By tackling those issues even before the initial deployment phases, Coinblock success rate skyrockets, especially in the case of projects that are looking to do things differently from their niches.

The more conservative approach, on the other hand, is directed by the various team leaders, to ensure that the solid foundations built by Coinblock are always maintained, with the clear objective in mind of propelling the VCs to greater heights of quality, while leaving ample time and resources to focus on its Network of partners.

CoinBlock approach can be considered original in the VCs space, not only due to the scarcity of VCs willing to work so hard on quality control and project scouting, but also due to the success rate of the projects “lacking credentials” that reach their goals and more in the time they work with CoinBlock strategies at their helm.

Even in this bear market CoinBlock resources are allocated towards development, infrastructure building, value storage solutions and long-term planning.

We are sure that this market cycle is going to last for a while, but, as history teaches us, victory lies in preparation and foresight, and Coinblock will be ready to tackle the next uptrend with all their resources primed and ready to shake up the DeFi ecosphere.

About CoinBlock Capital

Founded in 2017, CoinBlock Capital is a leading global venture capital firm and blockchain incubator. Their brand reputation paves a solid foundation for their incubated projects. The company is well versed within the crypto space and has strong capital backing. To date, CoinBlock Group’s investments and incubated projects are valued at over $1 billion dollars.

About The Founder

Hubert Dolata, CEO of CoinBlock, helped 15+ projects achieve their goals by being involved in marketing, advertising, business development, and listed many projects on the biggest exchanges like OKX, Crypto.com, KuCoin, Huobi, etc. Hubert Dolata also launched several projects in the crypto space, such as Team Finance which had $400 mln in TVL and was acquired by TrustSwap. Before that time, he founded and ran a marketing agency company with 30+ successful cases.

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