Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are making quite the big impact in Japan as of right now. That is partially made possible by the Coincheck exchange, as they are working together with Hirosaki City for a new initiative. This particular project revolves around collecting bitcoin donations to preserve several dozen types of Cherry Blossoms. An interesting initiative that will hopefully gain a lot of traction over the coming weeks.

Save The Historic Cherry Blossoms of Hirosaki City

Bitcoin seems to be tailored perfectly for donation purposes, thanks to its ease of transaction. Coincheck, one of Japan’s largest exchanges, feel now would be a good time to launch a massive bitcoin-oriented donation campaign to highlight the benefits of this global cryptocurrency. Together with Hirosaki City, the exchange team aims to preserve 50 kinds of Cherry Blossoms, all of which have a 400-year history in the city. To celebrate this joyous occasion, there will be a dedicated event where consumers can contribute bitcoin donations.

To be more specific, everyone in Japan who owns bitcoin should check at the Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival. This event will start on April 22nd and highlights the first public collaboration between a bitcoin company and the local government. It is quite interesting to see how far bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have come in japan over the past few years. Going from an unknown and untrusted asset to a payment method even local governments can get behind is quite a leap.

It is also possible to make a contribution to this cause through the Coincheck website. So far, over half a bitcoin has been raised through 36 different donations, which is a good start. Hirosaki cherry blossoms bloom in the late spring, and the city makes it one of its priorities to preserve the 2,600 trees. Since all of these trees have a multi-century history in the city, and it would be a shame and waste to let them die off. Cherry blossom trees are a wonderful sight, and bitcoin can help Hirosaki city preserve their heritage.

It is important to note the Hirosaki cherry blossom trees attract people throughout most of the year. Particularly when the flowers start to fall off the trees – known as Hanaikada – the petals float across the canal. Additionally, nature creates an effective flower carpet-  known as Hanajyutan – which is an absolutely beautiful sight to behold. Anyone in the world can make a bitcoin contribution to this cause, as nature must be preserved and respected at all times.

Header image courtesy of Coincheck

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