A lot of exciting things happen behind the scenes of the cryptocurrency industry. CoinMarketCap recently launched its mobile app for iOS. Within the first week, it is already trending in the Apple app store search function. A very interesting trend, although maintaining the momentum won’t be easy.

It is always interesting to see how people respond to cryptocurrency. Although Bitcoin still has a PR problem, the situation is seemingly improving. CoinMarketCap’s new mobile app has proven to be a big hit so far. It is already trending in the Apple app store search. A temporary trend, most likely, but still worth taking note of.

A Positive Crypto Trend for Apple

According to iTunes, the CoinMarketCap is ranked #134 in the finance department. That is a pretty solid development, as it shows the global interest in cryptocurrency is very tangible. The app received a fair few reviews as well, yet only scores 3,4 out of 5. That is not the best of scores, but it is not terrible either.

Although Apple doesn’t track the number of downloads, it will be a respectable number. For an app to show up in the store search trend queue so quickly, there must be a fair few downloads. It is possible cryptocurrency enthusiasts are artificially boosting the popularity a bit. Once the initial interest wanes, things may look very different.

All of this shows cryptocurrency is in a good place. While today’s price dip may tell a different story, the bigger picture is still bullish. Reaching a new all-time high may not happen overnight, but it will occur eventually If experts are to be believed, it may happen this year. That will undoubtedly affect the Apple app store search trends as well.

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