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Coinpresso Signs Octaplex Network


Octaplex Joins Coinpresso for Specialist Marketing Services

Today, it’s been announced that the Octaplex Network – has signed as a marketing partner to Coinpresso.

In doing so, Octaplex has engaged specialist marketing support from a crypto marketing agency in order to substantiate a long term future for the project, vs ‘pump and dump’ hype-scheme marketing seen throughout the scene today.

As per the Coinpresso website, they claim status as the “Number One Crypto Marketing Agency for Performance” – due to their exploits on Google with existing clients to date.

The Octaplex Network team has made a move to sign with Coinpresso due to proven track record in ranking cryptocurrency websites on Google Search and creating crypto content strategies.

What is Octaplex? ($PLX)

Octaplex Network is an ecosystem of frictionless products and projects, including a fully-fledged reward system with rewards paid in 12 different pegged versions of the most popular cryptos, including BTC, ETH, ADA and XRP to name a few.

Not just the product suite itself, it is powered by the native token offering $PLX – with the notion being that if products are provided that people actually use and solve a problem, the token will reciprocally benefit as the ecosystem grows in terms of use-cases, and partner projects.

The interoperability piece is of major significance to the development team – with cross-chain bridges soon to be integrated – in order to capture a mainstream crypto audience that doesn’t need to swap between multiple wallets and platforms. Create more interoperability, and the tokens and partners that live within that project will thrive – is the modus operandi of the project.

An Ecosystem Built on Rewards

$PLX is the native token within the Octaplex ecosystem, but is also one of the currencies used for it’s cryptocurrency rewards program. $PLX is joined by 4 trusted partner projects, and some heavyweights such as XRP, MATIC, ETH, BTC, ADA, BUSD & BNB.

Why Did Octaplex Choose Coinpresso?

The tech team at Coinpresso articulated a strategy to the Octaplex development team that focused on long-term, organic growth, with a focus on SEO and Content. The Octaplex team stressed a desire to stay away from low quality advertising methods currently used within crypto, such as third party banner platforms with excruciating CPCs – so decided to invest in their own website and it’s traffic.

The Coinpresso team has a proven track record with ranking clients for chosen search terms. Both teams came together to discuss a keyword strategy that would attract the ideal end user, whilst aligning with their products and use cases.

SEO Has The Best ROI Over Time

Such is the effect that a good search strategy can have, the Octaplex team decided that the search volume on offer to them was simply too much to turn down. The concept being, why pay for those clicks on another website, when those same clicks can be captured from Google Search, with arguably better intent and conversion opportunity.

Are Coinpresso Really Number 1 for Performance?

As per their website, the Coinpresso team claims to be the best performing agency in the space. Looking at the team, it’s led by two of the world’s leading SEO minds in terms of experience, in Founder Liam Quinlan-Stamp and Head of SEO Elena Kireeva. Experience at the world’s top digital agencies is a-plenty for these two, with the Coinpresso brand having been created on their expertise in the crypto SEO space with existing clients to date.

Performance is measured by experience and case studies within this space, and Coinpresso have already amassed success stories with clients to date.

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