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Coinsource Adds Seven Bitcoin ATMs In L.A. Region


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Coinsource, the National Bitcoin ATM Network, has just announced its single largest automated teller installation since the company started. The firm now is the biggest Bitcoin ATM provider in the West Coast by adding seven machines across the Los Angeles area and two more in Las Vegas. Coinsource CEO and Co-Founder Sheffield Clark said of the announcement:

“Our entrance into the Los Angeles area is the most important yet for both the Coinsource brand and for bitcoin enthusiasts in Southern California. The roll out of seven new machines in one go was a significant logistical achievement, but we are proud to bring so many more options for both novices and veterans of bitcoin. With more and more use-cases for bitcoin every day, we foresee a future where digital currency is used as commonly as cash or credit cards,”

Coinsource The Largest Bitcoin ATM Network on the West Coast

Clark says the company is expanding exponentially, and this is due to rise in interest in the digital currency since it is trading at USD $450 per BTC. Now the firm’s network is spreading like wildfire, and the business has 16 machines spanning across San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Diego. Since founding the company in February 2015 co-founders Travis Gough, Sheffield Clark, and Bobby Sharp have been continuously growing the Bitcoin ATM network with new machines.

Using the ATMs manufactured by GenesisCoin the latest installations will be open late and promise attractive fees. Higher volume purchases will get even more of a reduced rate with the Coinsource ATMs. The company’s machines are located in LA proper, Lynwood, Long Beach, and Torrance. Coinsource’s network now stretches across five states in the U.S. and they operate a total of 30 crypto-based automated tellers. Sheffield Clark said the team would continue to provide ATMs and expand with the growing cryptocurrency industry. Clark states:

“The Los Angeles community finally has convenient access to Coinsource’s secure, reliable and fully compliant bitcoin ATMs. We will continue to deliver on our promise to provide Americans everywhere with the opportunity to access bitcoin.— We’re also excited to expand our reach in Las Vegas to four machines, with two brand new locations East and West of the Strip, covering North Las Vegas as well. When you look at our locations on a map of the West Coast and across the United States, the ink spots are really starting to grow. It’s a very exciting time for us,”

The Coinsource team wants to continue spreading adoption to the masses. The company believes a large Bitcoin ATM network is the way to do it as people are accustomed to using automatic tellers every day. Clark and his fellow co-founders say they are big believers in Bitcoin, and the company plans to expand just as fast as this growing industry progresses.   

Source: Emailed Press Release

Image courtesy of Coinsource

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