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Cointed ICO Only 48 Hours Left


There are only 48 hours left from the Cointed ICO. The campaign ending on February 28th, 2018 raised over 4.2 million in ether and the company’s international expansion is a fact.

What you get for holding CTD?

The CTD token is purely an utility one. It can be used on all of their products for various reasons. Some of the goodies are available only to contributors. The voting platform is a significant step forward towards engaging the community,

  1. Discounts on all fees (exchange, ATM, crypto card, mining hosting & support)
  2. 15% on all hardware
  3. Option to get a custom-tailored product
  4. Access to exclusive mining rigs with 25% higher performance
  5. Voting rights

Additionally everyone who contributes 20 ETH or more gets a free crypto debit card!



As Cointed promised, their token will be hitting exchanges. Apart from their own exchange, the CTD token will most likely be available on a couple of others.The more business and clients want to use the company’s products, the more desired the utility will be. Since the supply of tokens will not be so high, this demand is expected to drive up the price.

Do not miss out

More than 15,000 people have chosen their exchange and new ATM locations are popping up weekly the team’s expectations have good chances to materialize.

Cointed are operating and profitable since 2015. Their products are already used by thousands of people in Europe. They are following their ICO roadmap closely and their international expansion will be a fact.

Having a profitable business behind an ICO is extremely rare! Most projects have only a well-structured whitepaper.

With Cointed the utility of their token is not for some future product waiting to be developed. You can use most of the benefits of the token right after the ICO, the rest until the end of the year.

So, is you are looking to invest in a real company with working products, Cointed is worth checking out! Make sure to read the latest Bitcoin News, so you don’t miss anything new about Cointed!







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