Sometimes college isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. While a degree is often viewed as important in the eyes of companies and businesses that are hiring necessary talent, for others, there are more significant things in life like being able to save one’s money, having a stable future, and being independent. For college dropout Natalie Arabian, her education became something of a side hustle when compared with her crypto aspirations, and she was eventually made to choose one or the other.

Natalie Arabian Makes a Lot of Digital Money

She chose the latter, and she doesn’t regret it. She has become one of the biggest crypto influencers in the world, and now makes her living discussing the growing space on social media. Her introduction to the world of crypto was rather recent, with Arabian making her first bitcoin and Ethereum purchases in early 2020 right as the COVID pandemic was beginning to hit. She bought bitcoin for around $6,700, which was considerably less than where it had been trading for the past several months, and she hasn’t looked back.

At the time, the economy was going through a hard period. She began to look for ways that she could invest and make money outside traditional windows, turning to crypto in the process. Aside from BTC, she also bought Ethereum at around $173, and continued to do so until the price reached $300.

The pandemic ultimately left her college closed, and she was forced to continue pursuing her biology degree online, which wasn’t the route she wanted. Arabian commented in an interview:

The amount of money I started making [from crypto] was unlike anything that I could’ve made after college, and it got to the point where the opportunity cost of studying and being in school was just too great to ignore.

Prior to getting involved in crypto, Arabian had full-blown plans to attend graduate school and go all the way with her degrees, though she felt that crypto presented too many good opportunities to pass up. She dropped out of school and has now built up approximately 60,000 followers on Twitter and TikTok.

A Powerful Influencer

In her social media posts, she talks about digital assets and Web3 and offers investing advice to anyone who’s interested. While she is largely described as an “influencer,” she sees herself primarily as an investor, and wants to give people the education they need to make smart decisions about which assets to invest in. She stated:

I didn’t intend to become an influencer in the beginning. It came from a very organic place of having fun on Twitter and meeting people with a similar interest in shaking up ‘legacy finance.’

Since garnering such a huge following, she has sold all her BTC and now focuses primarily on ETH, saying it’s the only asset out there worth concentrating on.

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