For some, bitcoins are like honey to a bear.  Regardless of the risks or the dangers, they’ll do anything to get it, even if it means getting stung by a swarm of angry bees.

Despite any potential susceptibility to hackings and similar events, there are those out there that would swear their lives upon bitcoin, and regardless of the ups and downs we’ve been seeing in the digital currency market, despite all the risks, they continue to delve into it without question… Spending, buying, and trading.

To some, these enthusiasts represent a foolish percentage of society.  To the enthusiasts, those who turn their backs on bitcoin or refuse to acknowledge its existence or credibility are the foolish ones.  Apparently there’s just no getting along for some people.  Let’s face it… When it comes to any topic, enthusiasts and haters will always be at war.

But it’s nearly impossible to say who’s wrong and who’s right on any subject.  In every case, those who refuse and those who accept will make valid arguments.  Those who like and those who dislike will do the same.  There are pros and cons to every matter, and it is up to us to always be looking at both to make sure that we benefit and have fun, but avoid the consequences should they sneak up on us in silence.

So to all you bitcoin lovers out there, I say “be careful,” and to all who dismiss it as a trend I say to you, “Lighten up.”  Bitcoin is here, and for the time being, it’s not going away, so let’s join hands and try to make the digital universe a safe place for all.

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