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Connecticut Mansion Owner Is Selling Her House for BTC or ETH


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A large, $6.5 million mansion on the coast of Connecticut is up for sale. What’s the big clincher? The seller is willing to accept cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or Ethereum, marking the first time something like this is being done in the area.

A Mansion Owner Will Sell Her House for Crypto

The property’s listing agent Kevin Sneddon affirms the media and any potential buyers that this is not a joke. The owner is serious about crypto offers, and all looking to trade their BTC or ETH in for a large mansion should come forward. Sneddon says:

It’s not like a gimmick. Not only does my client hold a lot of cryptocurrencies [but] she actively trades a fair amount of it.

The house is stationed on 4.3 acres of rural farmland which dates to the early 1800s. Thus, the mansion itself is roughly 200 years old or more, though it has garnered several upgrades since then.

One of the interesting things about this scenario is that many houses up for sale in the past have been part of cryptocurrency transactions, though nine times out of ten, the buyer must convert their crypto into cash before the transaction is completed. They must then give the cash to the seller to own the house in question.

This time, however, the mansion’s owner is willing to accept the crypto itself. Sneddon has made it clear that the seller is a regular crypto fanatic and trader, and thus she is open to garnering the digital currencies rather than the cash equivalent in exchange for the property. Sneddon says:

She’s not going to turn it over and convert it to anything else. She’s going to add it to her crypto portfolio. [Buyers would] want to come up and consider this house because we take their currency. Someone’s already asked me what kind of crypto she would take.

Right now, the person who owns the house has not been identified. Sneddon says she is trying to avoid all the attention that would likely come with such an unusual sale. Sneddon explained that many buyers have also been intrigued by the prospects and contacted him in secret, hoping to keep their identities secure as well. He explained:

They wouldn’t want their names out there.

The History of the Home

The mansion in question was last sold in 2009, meaning it’s now been under the ownership of the present person for about 13 years. At that time, the house went for just over $5.6 million, meaning the owner stands to gain close to $1 million in cash should a new buyer accept the present selling figure.

The owner of the home is listed as Bedford Road Holdings, LLC. Usually, limited liability corporations like these are created and used to purchase properties as means of hiding an owner’s initial identity.

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