The cryptocurrency industry attracts attention from all kinds of places. Seven Stars Cloud is not a name people would associate with Bitcoin or altcoins. Its CEO, Bruno Wu, however, is working on building his Fintech Village in Hartford, Connecticut. It will be a hub that supports cryptocurrency, robotics, and machine learning-oriented initiatives.

The Fintech Village Concept

Setting up any fintech-related venture in the US requires a lot of funding. Fortunately for Seven Stars Cloud, company founder Bruno Wu has made a name – and a fortune – for himself in the media and technology sectors. Because of his vast experience, he aims to launch Fintech Village. This innovative and collaborative hub will embrace and foster several booming industries.

Fintech Village will focus primarily on three industries – robotics, machine learning, and cryptocurrency-related initiatives. A peculiar development, given the regulatory uncertainty surrounding Bitcoin and altcoins.

This $300m innovation hub is only part of a bigger plan. Seven Stars Cloud also wants to create a fintech college at the Hartford Campus. This will be achieved through partnerships with colleges to create a new accredited entity. The fintech course will primarily focus on blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

Positive News for Cryptocurrency

The three-pronged focus of Fintech Village highlights some important aspects. Its focus on cryptocurrency is a very positive sign for the industry overall. Bitcoin and altcoins are a part of fintech, mainly because they represent a completely different paradigm of storing and transferring value.

Combined with blockchain, cryptocurrency is an industry which creates plenty of jobs. As such, the demand for talent with a background in financial technology continues to grow. Providing the right education is challenging, but Bruno Wu is confident his team can make it happen.

Increasing the pool of talent with cryptocurrency and blockchain expertise is sorely needed. It will pave the way for a bright cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. How Fintech Village will play out exactly, is up in the air. The venture is still in the early stages of development, and no official launch date has yet been released.

What do you think of Wu’s vision for his Fintech Village? Will it help foster adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology? Let us know in the comments below.

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