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Coss Token Swap ICO to Wind Up This September 6


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COSS, a one-stop cryptocurrency payment gateway, and exchange, is approaching the end of its Token Swap on September 6, 2017.

The ICO round, which started on August 8, 2017, is believed to have fared impressively during its one-month time span. It features the sale of 130,000,000 COSS Tokens at the rate of 600 COSS per ETH. COSS token itself has been marketed as a revenue-generating currency that enables holders to receive revenues in the form of transaction fees charged by COSS system.

As per the company’s bylaws, the COSS token holders receive weekly revenues to their wallets. The team plans to add more revenue streams to ensure higher returns for its backers — the people who participate in the COSS Token Swap round. There is evidently a scope for such changes, for the platform plans to roll out versatile services as its development goes ahead. They include a secure e-wallet, an exchange, market rankings, a merchant list, a payment gateway and point-of-sale (POS) system, a digital marketplace, cryptocurrency/token listing, proof of development and other functions.

For a moment, people had doubted COSS platform for being another run-of-the-mill startup luring investors with attractive returns. But as one dwells, s/he can find a well-known and experienced team backing it. What’s further impressive is the range of expert advisors COSS has, including professionals from business, IT, banking, finance, technology, and — indeed — cryptocurrency.

More, the COSS team has ensured to keep the funds generated by the Token Swap round with an escrow, meaning the proceeds will be allocated as per a predefined framework. This escrow will have three signatories, meaning the funds will be stored in a multi-signature wallet.

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