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Could Cats Beat Dogs in Meme Coin Space?


Currently, it’s obvious to everyone that the meme coin space is reigned by so-called doggy coins. The dog theme in meme coins reached success among crypto investors because a dog is a beast howling at the moon and this image refers to the popular expression “to the moon” – meaning a strong belief that bitcoin or another crypto coin will skyrocket in price.

However, when it comes to the whole Internet, dogs are inferior to cats by popularity and their potential to go viral. Moreover, most doggy meme coins don’t offer any useful functionality apart from trading speculations.

The market is looking for a whiff of fresh air, and it looks like cats are patiently biding their time to become the next game-changer in the meme coin space.

Cats enter the game

SpartaCats is a new generation all-in-one ecosystem whose goal is to gather a vast community of various meme coin and NFT users, with its native token, PURR, standing in the epicenter of this ecosystem.

PURR (token of SpartaCats ecosystem) is the first meme coin that is initially designed to serve as an asset with real utility value and backed by a strong community of cat fans. PURR fulfills the SpartaCats ecosystem with needed liquidity, it serves as both a unit of account and an element of influence.

Focused on uniting meme coin communities, SpartaCats ecosystem uses gamification methods, such as contests between participants of different meme coins. Holders of various meme coins can unite in clans, teams and challenge each other to a duel. Others can place bets on matches between duel participants. This gamified method of attracting meme coin communities will bring order and economical hierarchy to the meme coin market, currently remaining in chaos.

SpartaCats ecosystem opens new ways to benefit various organizations, especially charity ones and pet shelters around the world. All of them will be able to collect funds via SpartaCats and promote their communities. Apart from meme coin communities, SpartaCats uses the power of its strong community to help real-life cat shelters around the world, as the charity is an essential part of its philosophy.

Cat tokenomics

The total supply of PURR that provides the ecosystem with needed liquidity is limited to 1 000 000 000 tokens. The meme coin is launched on two networks EVER and BSC, and has already listed on PancakeSwap and Flatqube. On the first day of trading, the PURR coin demonstrated an X8 price increase signaling that PURR is able not only to share the same destiny as Dogecoin which exploded by 15,000% in 2021, but also to overtake this record due to its more useful functionality.

As a part of its marketing campaign, 10% of PURR’s total supply is reserved for airdrops (snapshot for holders of cats crypto projects coins, faucets, ailurophile communities). 10% of PURRs will be sent to liquidity pools, while the farming BSC and farming EVER are set to receive 20% each.

Currently, SpartaCats actively promoting its platform and is looking for community members – just by completing simple tasks or inviting friends, early-bird users may earn some PURRs and become a part of the fast-growing feline community.

SpartaCats offer real decentralization

The next stage scheduled for Q3 2022 is the sale of 300 DAO NFTs. Holders of these NFTs will be able to manage the ecosystem as a DAO and guide SpartaCats against market manipulations. The team of the project holds only 20 DAO NFTs, thus providing a real decentralization to the ecosystem.

270 NFTs, gradually minted within four years, will be sold one piece per week through an auction for PURRs. All the PURRs received from the DAO NFT auction will be burnt, thus decreasing the PURR supply. Once a week, all NFT managers in circulation will receive 1/270 of the dividend pool.

SpartaCats looking forward

With cat’s potential to go viral, cat-themed meme coins can gain a lion’s share of the meme coin market. According to research by FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences, cat content maintains a strong presence in – art, popular culture, advertising, the media, and on the internet, especially in videos. The potential of cat-themed meme coins is demonstrated by statistics.

Now, cats are entering the cryptocurrency world, and they may become the next big thing in space.


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