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Could The Bahamas Become the Next Blockchain Hub?


The Bahamas has partnered with various stakeholders to help put the island nation on the map when it comes to blockchain adoption and growth.

It seems as if Malta will soon have some island competition when it comes to being a blockchain hub. The Nassau Guardian reports that the Bahamas wants to roll out the welcoming mat to blockchain developers as the technology continues to make strides all across the world.

The Bahamas Eyes Blockchain

The founder of the Caribbean Blockchain Alliance (CBA), Stefen Deleveaux, explained:

Blockchain technology is seen as the next step in Internet and financial technology, in what many describe as Web 3.0. There is a huge opportunity to use this technology to improve public and private services in this country. In addition, competent blockchain developers are in high demand, in an industry that almost guarantees access to a high-income job or potential project.

Deleveaux elaborated on how the CBA plans to be a part of this digital revolution:

One of our goals is to build a cohort, and eventually multiple cohorts, of proficient blockchain developers. This is primarily because the technology itself will be extremely important in terms of software infrastructure.

Deleveaux also announced via press release that the CBA will be collaborating with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Blockgeeks, and the University of The Bahamas to host a hackathon. In addition, 25 Bahamian citizens will have the opportunity to participate in a two-day blockchain developers course. The announcement added that “students who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate that is recorded on a blockchain”.

Success Through Collaboration

Michael Nelson, who is the Chief of Operations at the IDB expressed excitement at the new partnership stating that “we are pleased to collaborate, with organizations such as CBA and UB, in helping young professionals become proficient in blockchain technology”.

These types of partnerships and initiatives could potentially push the Bahamas to the front of the queue when it comes to attracting skilled talent. In fact, the CEO of Blockgeeks has said that the country could become the “blockchain hub of the Caribbean”.

It seems as if island nations have more than just blockchain on the brain. In June this year, Live Bitcoin News reported on the possibility that the Bahamas would launch their own state-backed cryptocurrency. The Marshall Island is another country with plans to do the same. Its president has previously stated the government’s intention to launch the state-backed Sovereign.

Do you that the Bahamas will give Malta a run for its virtual money when it comes to blockchain adoption? Let us know in the comments below!

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