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For those of you who have been expecting Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed creator of bitcoin to present irrefutable proof confirming his claims, there is some disappointing news. Craig Wright may not be keeping his promise any longer. In his recent blog post, he has announced that he has not been able to muster the courage to back his claims by presenting all the proof.

Craig Wright claims that his decision to come out of anonymity has got many people questioning his credentials and intentions. He had not expected the world to turn hostile towards him after he presented the initial proof to confirm his identity as Satoshi Nakamoto. Many reputable media outlets recently carried the story about Craig Wright being the real Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin. These publications, including BBC and the Economist, reported that Craig Wright gave them a demonstration where he signed a post using the same cryptographic keys as the ones connected to Satoshi Nakamoto. These reports also supported their story by referring to Gavin Andresen’s blog post where even he claimed that both Craig Wright and Satoshi Nakamoto maybe one and the same.

Soon after the report was published, many people started punching holes in the story by pointing out certain in discrepancies. With the recent turn of events, Craig Wright seems to have called it quits on his attempts to prove that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

In the blog, Craig Wright has said “I know now that I am not strong enough for this.” referring to him coming out in the public with a strong proof confirming that he and Satoshi Nakamoto are the same person. He also apologizes for putting the reputation of Jon Matonis and Gavin Andresen at stake for backing his claims.

Craig Wright’s parting lines – “They were not deceived, but I know that the world will never believe that now. I can only say I’m sorry. And goodbye.”

Seems like the world is back to square one when it comes to Satoshi Nakamoto’s real identity. And, the search still continues…

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