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Is the April Fools’ day fever still on? If the recent coverage by an online publication, International Business Times is to be believed then the whole world will finally get to know the true identity of the most elusive Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin is said to have celebrated his 41st birthday yesterday. Going by his online profile, he was born on April 5, 1975.

Alleged reports from multiple reputed publications state that the Satoshi Nakamoto as we know may be none other than Craig Wright, the same person who was once suspected to be the man behind Bitcoin by Wired and Gizmodo. However, the evidence presented by both the magazines were later considered to be a part of an elaborate hoax and Craig Wright was dropped from the list of suspected Satoshi Nakamoto candidates.

Now, Craig Wright who himself happens to be cryptocurrency expert has come forward to declare that he is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto and he is willing to prove it as well. It is believed that Craig has approached few people in the media with this claim, which he is preparing to prove by creating a “Cryptographic miracle as IBT puts it.

When Satoshi Nakamoto is going to crawl out from under the rock is not yet known. But going by the rumors, it may be anytime between April 7, 2016, and April 14, 2016. How Craig Wright is going to prove that he is Satoshi Nakamoto is also not clear. But the expectations are set high for sure. Everyone from the Bitcoin community is, in fact, waiting for the curtains to be drawn open so that they can see it for themselves whether Craig Wright is really what he claims to be.

The Bitcoin community is eagerly waiting for the big reveal Mr. Nakamoto, please don’t make a fool out of them for the next fools’ day is almost a year away.

Ref: IBT | Image: Digital Trends
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