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Creditbit Community Actively Supports and Participates in the Creditbit Project Development


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Creditbit community has come to be known as one of the most supportive and active communities. The Creditbit community is one of the most rapidly expanding communities and is seeing an increased participation on its slack channel as well. There are also inquiries about Creditbit on telegram.

The community members are doing their part in the project’s development by helping spread the word about it, inducting new members into the community and also voting for the crypto to be added on various exchanges.

The community is buzzed about some Korean exchanges showing interest in Creditbit. The community is also hopeful about CRB being listed on Bittrex following its listing on JAXX wallet, in the wake of the partnership between JAXX and Bittrex.

Creditbit has the potential to rank among the top ten altcoins in the near future. The support around the crypto is one of the main reasons for its positive potential. Each crypto demands a certain amount of patience, and also followers and a strong community, and Creditbit definitely has them.

The community is also not befuddled by the recent dip in Creditbit price and believes it to be a healthy trend as it allows for new holders to come and hold the token. Well aware of the Chinese interest in CRB, the community is positive about an uptrend for CRB in the coming months.

The community members are actively involved in the project as they are doing their best to spread the word about it, to not only to help with the price but also to garner support from bigger exchanges. There are also other members like macrypto, who makes videos to help explain the various aspects of the project and also designs wallpapers for it.

Another community member, VanAllen, is developing a windows application which will be useful in making the calculating of CreditBOND locking period/blocks/award simpler and faster. They hope to have a working Beta in a few days at the community’s disposal.


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