The influence and importance of the Asian markets in the crypto currency economy can be fathomed by the constant media coverage about new Asian blockchain consortiums or the amazing mining efforts by Chinese ‘cheap-energy-2-coin-conversion-farms’ and their choices for or against a certain scaling upgrade, and the like. Digital currencies are very popular in South Asia.

Countries like South Korea are important for Ethereum market places, as one look at the top 10 of the Ethereum market places on the CoinMarketCap list shows how frequently the South Korean Won (KRW) rises up first before any ETH-pairs with Euro (EUR) or Chinese Yuan (CNY).

These developments in the crypto economy are important for Creditbit (CRB) as it offers advanced smart contract options that go together well with the Asian life-style. It is an aspiring and innovative Ethereum-chain based token.

CRB payment transactions are cheaper and faster than getting a cup of delicious instant noodles. Moreover, with its CreditDAO platform, its Proof-of Trust CreditBOND locking with up to 12% annual bond reward and the upcoming JAXX wallet adoption, CRB offers all the ingredients to be an easy, affordable and gratifying alt-coin for the South Asian market.

But there is way more to gain with Creditbit adoption! Creditbit offers CreditGAME, with which players can anonymously compete in 1-to-1 games for their CreditBOND reward. P2P Games like Lotto and Minesweeper will be available for the players on the platform.

Creditbit also provides an alternative to BTC and Ripple and the difficulties being faced by these cryptos. Bitcoin network congestions renders Bitcoin pretty useless for normal cash payments and makes it look like a bank transfer where it is normal that you have to wait 24 hours before your money arrives.

And Ripple has never been a miners’ coin and also lacks the typical decentral character of other digital currencies.

CreditBIT is a smart, low-cost, swift and etehreum based decentralized digital token. The alt coin, even after the public support it has been getting, for instance, support from Bitcoin Foundation founding member Charlie Shrem, or the CRB-listings on even larger exchanges and the JAXX wallet adoption coming soon, still remains amazingly cheap for the time being.

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