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Creditbit Dev Team Updates the Community about Creditbit Status


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Creditbit, an open source software project released under the MIT/X11 license, recently published an update on Bitcoin Talk. The new update detailed the current status of Creditbit, development, Community and the like.

The update started with informing the community about the new Creditbit sub page which can be accessed here, and asked for the opinions from the community. It further divulged the information about the Parity installation and implementation guide added by the dev team.

Further, the update talked about the upcoming Slovenian translation of the Creditbit whitepaper due to the demand from the Slovenian members of the community. Whitepaper can be translated in your language too; you just need to pm the Creditbit team on slack, according to the update.

Also, Creditbit can be simply implemented into whatever service on ethereum that follow the standards, so if you haven’t seen the blockexplorer, here it is.

The update also wished luck to two of the most active members of the Creditbit community who are on their way to BlockShow Europe to represent their project.

The update further discussed about the development status.

CreditDAO is almost finished and the voting mechanism will be deployed on kovan testnet in 14days.

CreditGAME is also on track as the core contract (platform for games) is already done and the team in now focusing on the development of the games.

Credit* is still a concept about the messaging system for the players so they will be notified when their turn is up.

CreditBOND is finished and already implemented. The coins can already be locked in the smartcontract for bond rewards.

About the community, the dev team invited anyone from the community who would like to work with them to build the CreditDAO/fundation of the project in the early stages. The update also talked about the slack meet ups that are planned for the next week where the whole dev team will be present to discuss new ideas that can be implemented in the future.


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