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The Creditbit community was promised something big by the dev team in their last update, and the big announcement is finally out. Creditbit dev team recently announced the crypto’s listing on Bittrex, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

The news was announced by one of the founders of Bittrex, Richie Lai, on Twitter. He announced the opening of CreditBit- Bitcoin pair on the exchange. The positive development was also shared by Creditbit on its social media channels.

Creditbit has seen a spike in trading volume in the recent weeks and the price has also been picking up. The news of Creditbit’s inclusion to Bittrex has helped its price to cross the $1 mark. Bittrex is now the fourth major exchange platform to list Creditbit, following the lead of Livecoin, DABTC and Crypto Dao. CRB’s inclusion to the platform is expected to further help the crypto’s reach and in turn demand.

Creditbit listing on Bittrex has been long overdue as the Creditbit dev team has worked relentlessly to develop the project. Standing by the project is also its strong community, which has been supporting it since the beginning. The dev team’s dedication and the community’s support is now paying off with coin’s impressive performance recently.

The Creditbit trading volume has shown an impressive hike of 200% within a week, and the market cap has more than doubled in a matter of days. This only goes on to show the interest CRB has managed to garner within the industry and helps to further consolidate its value.

The CRB/BTC pair on Bittrex got a positive reception from the community as the order books on the exchange became a site of activity within the minutes of its launch. The amount of activity around the CRB/BTC pair on the platform has only soared with time.

Finally, Creditbit is sure to catch attention from a lot of other big names in the market following its listing on Bittrex; given Bittrex’s status as one of the few multi-cryptocurrency trading and exchange platforms with high volumes of overall trades from across the world.

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