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Creditbit Gives a Development Update to the Community


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Creditbit is a digital Ethereum Token which is hosted on Ethereum Blockchain, a public distributed digital ledger. The past few weeks have marked a major shift in the Creditbit status. The crypto has jumped with its marketcap to between 20 -30th place, but after the consolidation of the price, it is around 50th mark, which is still a great place for a new project under active development.

The project is on course with its development plan. Being way ahead of the scheduled development timeline under Credit 2.0, has given the Creditbit dev team the scope to even start planning for Credit 3.0. Credit 3.0 is another phase of projects that will be announced as soon as the team gets done with most of their Credit 2.0 milestones.

The current status of the projects undertaken under Credit 2.0 is –

CreditBOND – Done
CreditMC – Done
CreditBIT – Done


The financial part of the DAO is completed and as soon as the dev team is able to manage all the users that had issues with migration and finalize the migration, smart contracts will be deployed and active community members will be able to get paid for their great contributions to the project in Creditbit.


CreditGAME is in the stage of final tweaking and changes. The dev team is currently solving some issues for generating random numbers, and the project will go live as soon as this is done.


The groundwork for the project is done. The team has already figured out everything that is required to send messages to players and users. The development of the project starts as soon as CreditGAME goes live.


The development of CreditID has begun. The release date for the project can be expected in the next update for the community.


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