Creditbit, the MIT/X11 licensed cryptocurrency project, has hit the $1 mark on two exchanges, Livecoin and Novaexchange.

This news comes after the Creditbit prices skyrocketed in the world market a little while ago due to all CRB coins on sale order book on being bought by a Chinese trader following the launch of the translated version of the Creditbit whitepaper for the Chinese market on DaBTC.

Creditbit’s Chinese debut has only helped it and as the Chinese people are now clear about Creditbit, after the launch of the translated whitepaper, it will only help further Creditbit’s cause.

Creditbit has always strived to keep the community at the centre of its innovations and development. The launch of the translated whitepaper for the Chinese market was also a part of this effort to keep the community in the loop. This policy of Creditbit to make the development and innovation people centric has enabled Creditbit to gain the trust of the existing users and also helped them to attract new adopters.

The fact that Creditbit is gaining more and more ground is proved by the fact that it has managed to hit the $1 mark in such a short span of time. Further, the trade volume of the crypto is also at an all- time high with 318,955 USD and the market cap has risen up to 12, 146,843 USD, at the time of writing.

The Creditbit community is overjoyed at the crypto’s achievements and is hopeful of it being in the list of top ten alt coins in the near future.

Creditbit is busy with its first round of migration at the moment. The first round of Creditbit’s migration will end on April 8, 2017. The migration is an essential step in the first phase of development under Credit 2.0. The Creditbit community is further excited about the much anticipated CreditGAME and CreditDAO, which are soon to be launched following the end of the first round of the migration.

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