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Croatian Law Enforcement Completes Another Bitcoin-related Darknet Drug Bust


There are so many darknet arrests taking place as of late one would almost start to wonder how safe the online underground ecosystem is. Croatian police officials apprehended multiple suspects who were expecting a 57 grams ecstasy shipment. The drugs were purchased from the deep web and paid for in Bitcoin, with the intention of redistributing the narcotics.

A Big Score For Croatian Law Enforcement

Things started to unravel for these Croatian darknet users about two weeks ago. The Criminal Police Directorate performed a “controlled delivery” of a package containing ecstasy. Although there are no official numbers regarding the quantity, one police source stated how they picked up 57 grams of “Orange Amsterdam tulips”.

The package in question was accepted by a 27-year-old Croatian man, which was cause for an investigation. At his home, as well as other undisclosed locations, police officials confiscated drugs and apprehended his partner in crime. A 26-year-old Croatian male was arrested, and both men were charged with drug trafficking and possession of narcotics intended for distribution.

Among the items confiscated during this police raid were weighing scales, as well as other “crime-related accessories:. In acquiring these items, the officials charges against both men become a lot more severe than just “possession of drugs.” After all, no one needs weighing scales if they purchase narcotics for self-use.

The ecstasy purchase was made on the darknet, although law enforcement officials are not sure which marketplace it came from. Moreover, there is no word on whether this was a domestic or international shipment, although it seems more likely the package was shipped from within Croatian borders. All of the narcotics were paid for with Bitcoin, which remains the preferred payment option on the darknet.

Croatia is one of the many countries around the world seeing an increase in the number of drug-related shipments passing through local post offices. In September of 2016, law enforcement agents confiscated a package containing 130 grams of amphetamines. Similar trends have been noted in other countries around the world, particularly the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and Germany.

Source: Novilist

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