Cross Tower – a cryptocurrency exchange in India – regulates trading and investing in crypto for institutions. Not long ago, the company launched a set of over the counter (OTC) services, hoping to help high net-worth individuals to get involved in this growing space.

Cross Tower Is a Leading Crypto Exchange in India

Vikas Ahuja is the chief executive officer of Cross Tower. In a recent interview, he talked about how the company is planning to grow despite the crypto environment being so unpredictable and wild in India at the time of writing. Overall, the company is doing quite well, having seen heavy trading increases in 2022 thus far when compared to 2021, and he thinks 2023 will be the company’s biggest year yet given parliament does not move forward on a full ban.

He stated:

We have been in the Indian market for just six or seven months, as our products were launched on September 7, 2021. The products are taking time to stabilize because we are adding features to them. Still, in this span of time, we have acquired almost [five million] customers. In terms of trading volume and revenue growth, it is at the preliminary stage as we haven’t started with our marketing campaigns, but we are anticipating growth.

Right now, he says that Cross Tower is doing all it can to market itself and establish its presence as a leading financial institution in India. When talking about marketing strategies, he said:

The areas we will focus on include digital, social media, webinars, podcasts, print and TV, amongst others. In fact, we plan to have a session with industry veterans soon. The objective is to educate customers and traders.  Neither do we give investment advice, nor do we market cryptocurrency as a getting rich scheme. Cryptocurrency needs to be treated like any asset class, with thorough analysis and study before one invests. So, the core message behind our mentioned marketing strategies would be to educate the customers. At Cross Tower, we believe that customers should be acquainted with details before buying and selling tokens. For the coming quarter, we want to focus on marketing.

Helping People Make Smarter Investing Decisions

Cross Tower is also implementing a new crypto investment plan (CIP) that he believes will greatly assist customers in the future. He says:

We have launched two schemes. The asset-bucketing scheme has been created for using mutual funds so customers can utilize their digital wallets, and the real-product scheme for customers to keep their cryptocurrency tokens as collateral which would reward them with a rate of interest. In addition, we are working on a simulation platform where people would be able to buy and sell using simulated digital currency.

The company is also working to help newcomers to the crypto development space, commenting that all the company’s technology is based purely on blockchain.

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