Maren Altman – a crypto astrologist – is taking a lot of flak as of late for her past support of Celsius, a doomed digital currency lending network that ultimately entered bankruptcy proceedings last summer.

Celsius Continues to Draw Angry Crowds

Celsius has taken on a new form in recent days. What was once a highly respected and loved digital currency platform has practically become a curse for many traders, some of which plunked their life savings into the lending company. Things got off to a very rocky start a few months ago when Celsius announced that it was going to be halting withdrawals as a means of dealing with market volatility and ongoing speculation.

This really irked a lot of traders, who suddenly lost access to their accounts and couldn’t pull their money out of their wallets. However, things took an even uglier turn when the company announced it was going to be filing bankruptcy. This prevented lenders, angry customers, and anyone else who wasn’t happy with Celsius from suing it as it explored other means of staying active in the market.

The company has made a lot of people sweat with rage, and now Altman appears to be experiencing the brunt of their bad feelings. A recent court document shows that she received a paycheck of at least $30,000 for promoting Celsius and creating positive content about it. She is now being accused by people online of simply doing so without looking into the company first. They say she sold herself out by agreeing to create the content, and Altman is facing a lot of attacks at the time of writing.In a recent interview, Altman mentioned that her critics are now involved in a “witch hunt.” She has even spoken with a legal team to discuss the possibility of suing for defamation. She says:

My error was trusting Celsius. Not a clue, no visibility on anything other than my marketing campaign.

It’s not like crypto companies haven’t hired influencers and similar individuals in the past to establish good marketing campaigns for them. However, Altman describes her relationship with the firm as something of a “partnership,” and says what she’s done for Celsius is no different than if she had done a “fashion ad” for the company.

She commented:

I’m not allowed to talk about anything illegal for U.S. standards, which includes the CEL token pumping or what not.

Is This a Witch Hunt?

Many individuals on Twitter and related platforms have accused Altman of being engaged in a Ponzi scheme. Others have called her a “grifter” along with various other insults. She says:

It’s like a witch hunt for someone they don’t even know… The equivalent of this would be like if I was paid by Peloton to talk about their bike and investors blamed me for the stock price going down.

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