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Crypto Entrepreneur Zach Salter Explains His Journey


Zach Salter is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur. As the co-founder of Zima Digital Assets, he likely knows a thing or two about trading digital coins, but he also has his hand in several different pots, including studio recording, automobiles and aviation.

Salter Knew What Direction He Wanted Early

In a recent interview, Salter expressed his views on crypto and what makes a business stand strong. He’s confident in how digital assets are performing but acknowledges that not every crypto-based business will survive. He says that one of the biggest contributing factors to the success of any venture – not just those centering on crypto – is the “synergy” of its founders and how well they work together.

He explains:

Natural synergy is the most important factor. A good partner is the yin to your yang, like the sun and the moon. Your expertise doesn’t overlap because you each have strengths where the other has weaknesses. A good partner stays focused on the big picture and avoids petty drama at all costs. You must know them well enough to quickly come to agreements. Once you share the same vision, growth and expansion are second nature. You can’t do it all, nor should you want to. Delegation is key. Operating efficiently should be a top priority and is your greatest advantage for any startup competing against slower, large conglomerates.

Among the men he admires the most is chief executive of Amazon Jeff Bezos. He says that Bezos stayed confident and true to himself. He saw the value of e-commerce when no one else did and worked hard to make his dream a reality.

Being Mentally Strong Is More Important Than Being Physically Strong

But Salter says that it was his experience as a door-to-door pest control salesman that really gave him his entrepreneurial spirit. He says it challenged him to view sales in a different way. He became less afraid of rejection to the point that he no longer considers it a problem. He now says there are no such things as failures; simply victories that haven’t been completed yet:

I don’t believe in failures or tallying losses. If it’s not a victory, it’s just not over yet. However, I learned a lot of valuable lessons when I was recruited to sell pest control door-to-door at 18 years old. That was by far the most challenging endeavor I had ever faced, and it forced me to grow up. The goal was to knock on 100 doors each day. We worked 15 hours a day, six days a week. Dealing with relentless rejections hour after hour, day after day puts things in perspective… I didn’t do well that summer, but I am forever grateful for the mental toughness it gave me. After that summer, I no longer feared rejection, which set me apart as a young entrepreneur.


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