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Crypto Exchange Ku Coin Hands Out Six-Figures Bonuses to Top-Ranking Employees


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Leading crypto exchange Ku Coin has experienced some vast success over the past 12 months. The company is now celebrating by presenting some of its top-ranking employees with $100,000 bonuses being paid out in bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

Ku Coin Hands Out a Lot of Money

During the previous year, KCS – the official token of Ku Coin – experienced a value increase of 30 times its initial price. The company also saw its user base increase and experienced heavy support for its new trading bot solution, a program that allows people to dollar-cost average their crypto investments. Through the program, individuals purchase specific amounts of digital currency each month. The traders purchase these assets at differing prices instead of risking purchasing them when they’re incurring heavy price peaks.

At the time of writing, Ku Coin employs more than 600 people. However, the company has experienced such heavy growth over the past year that it’s looking to add another 200 workers to its roster. Johnny Lyu – the co-founder and CEO of the firm – explained in an interview that one of the big perks that comes with working at Ku Coin is that high growth often leads to solid bonuses for employees to enjoy.

In fact, approximately 90 percent of the company’s employees received bonuses equivalent to six months-worth of salary payments, while roughly five percent of employees that really exceeded expectations received bonuses worth around 12 months of salary payments. These went past the six-figure mark.

Describing his company, Lyu said:

We are proud to have the most versatile employees who all prioritize being team players over individual gain. Our growth throughout 2021 would not be possible without their hard work and dedication. The year-end bonuses offered to all our employees are the result of their strong commitment to make Ku Coin a leading global cryptocurrency exchange.

Employees had the option of receiving their bonuses in fiat currencies, bitcoin, Ethereum, or assorted altcoins. About half of the workforce decided to go for crypto.

Helping to Grow the Metaverse

One of the things the company has been doing is cementing its position in the growing metaverse, which Lyu says is going to take the world by storm. In response to the establishing space, Ku Coin created what’s known as the Ku Coin Metaverse Fund. Designed to boost the maturation of the new meta blockchain industry and empower Web3, the fund has already garnered more than $100 million.

Ku Coin was first established in the year 2017. Before long, it was one of the most popular crypto exchanges in Asia, where it’s presently headquartered, and then the world. At the time of writing, the company boasts more than 10 million users in 207 separate countries. Last year, the cumulative trading volume was estimated to be more than $1 trillion.

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