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Crypto Expert Says This Crypto Bull Run “Will Melt Faces”, Top 3 Altcoins To Take Advantage Of The Surge


A crypto expert has predicted a major bull run in 2024, describing this event as one that will “melt faces.” According to the analyst, this bull run will see three top altcoins, ETFSwap (ETFS), Arbitrum (ARB) and Cosmos (ATOM), experiencing massive price spikes. 

ETFSwap (ETFS) Leads Altcoins As It Gears Up For Bull Run Rally Above $1

Among the numerous altcoins in the industry, investors are betting big on ETFSwap (ETFS) to take advantage of the upcoming bull run. This crypto project is set to become one of the top gainers of the market’s bullish momentum, potentially surging above $1 and witnessing more than a 100x increase.  

As Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform, ETFSwap (ETFS) enables users to buy and trade tokenized Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Its design allows users to swap crypto assets for any listed institutional tokenized ETFs such as cryptocurrency spot and futures ETFs, commodity ETFs, leveraged ETFs and fixed-income ETFs. 

Trading on ETFSwap’s innovative platform is secure due to its integration of blockchain technology, which enhances transparency, security and anonymity. ETFSwap (ETFS) has also terminated KYC requirements to streamline users’ account opening processes and protect their privacy and identity. 

To ensure its smart contract’s security, ETFSwap (ETFS) has undergone a rigorous audit by a prominent cybersecurity and blockchain audit firm, CyberScope. The audit’s findings discovered a platform without vulnerabilities, underscoring a robust infrastructure with an impressive resilience against cyber attacks and threats. 

Unlike traditional ETF platforms, ETFSwap (ETFS) provides numerous advantageous features and trading solutions for users. The platform offers users 24/7 ETF risk management services, reduced transaction fees and trading costs, and various incentives in the form of airdrops and leverages that can potentially amplify returns.

ETFSwap (ETFS) offers its users up to 10x leverage on all trades, up to 50x leverage on perpetual and futures options trading, and an 87% APR yield. This yield, among other special incentives, is exclusive to holders of ETFSwap’s native token, ETFS. 

These tokens are available on ETFSwap’s ongoing first presale stage which is set to end soon. Investors are purchasing substantial amounts of ETFS tokens in preparation for the cryptocurrency’s surge above $1 during the upcoming crypto bull run. The price of each token is currently $0.00854. However, by the second presale stage, ETFS is poised to reach $0.01831.

Crypto Analyst Says Arbitrum (ARB) Is Set For A Reversal

In a recent X (formerly Twitter) post, prominent crypto analyst, Ali Martinez, made a bullish forecast for Arbitrum (ARB) as one of the altcoins that could see upside. According to Martinez, Arbitrum’s weekly price chart has indicated that TD Sequential was presenting a buying signal.

This implies that Arbitrum (ARB) was showing a prime accumulation period, where investors can take advantage of the price volatility to purchase more tokens. Martinez anticipates a potential rebound for Arbitrum (ARB), emphasizing a price increase mirroring one to four candlesticks.

 While Martinez’s prediction signals opportunities for investors and despite being one of the altcoins with potential, it has been declining significantly for the past week, recording a 6.62% decrease. Additionally, Arbitrum (ARB) has dropped by 1.68% in the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap. 

Crypto Exchange Predicts $10 Target For Cosmos (ATOM) 

As one of the altcoins with potential for upside, popular crypto exchange, Changelly, has predicted that the price of Cosmos (ATOM) is poised for a bullish rally above $10 by the end of 2024. Changelly has forecasted that Cosmos (ATOM) will surge to an average price of $10.46 by November 2024, witnessing a slight reduction in December to around $10.38. 

This Cosmos (ATOM) increase could be triggered by the market’s bull run as many crypto analysts have predicted a possible bull run to occur by the end of 2024, extending into 2025. Despite Changelly’s bullish forecast, as of writing, the price of Cosmos (ATOM) is trading at $8.48, marking a 1.85% decrease in the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap.

Conclusion On Altcoins, ETFSwap (ETFS), Arbitrum (ARB), And Cosmos (ATOM), Surge In Upcoming Bull Run

Three altcoins, Arbitrum (ARB), Cosmos (ATOM), and ETFSwap (ETFS), are set to potentially lead the crypto market’s forthcoming bull run. However, among these cryptocurrencies, ETFSwap (ETFS) is already on track to reach $1 during the bull market, recording a 10,000% increase for investors who have bought more than 150 million tokens and invested over $1.5 million. 

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