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Crypto Experts Bullish on Bitgert Coin: +500% Price Increase Imminent


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Recent price trends from last week have set the crypto market on a bullish uptrend, and there’s growing anticipation among investors.

While it’s still early days and there’s still some bit of volatility in the market, the best investors know now is the best time to do their homework on the most promising coins, because there is always something more for early birds on these projects.

Crypto experts have been keeping a close eye on Bitgert Coin (BRISE), especially given its resilience in past bear markets.

Many experts are tipping Bitgert Coin for a 500% rally, and we believe the bullish prediction is not a stretch, given the exciting features and partnerships on the project. We have more insights on the Bitgert project for you.

Bitgert Coin’s Performance in the Last Bull Run

When Bitcoin inspired an uptrend in March, Bitgert Coin, like many other altcoins rode on the trend. However, the rally was short-lived and Bitcoin led the altcoins back to the bears, except Bitgert Coin (BRISE) enjoyed the party for longer. Bitgert put in a tough shift amidst pressure from the bears, and while the market was bleeding, Bitgert investors continued to rake in around 70% monthly profits.

Beyond that, analysts have also highlighted Bitgert Coin’s all-time price performance. The project launched in 2021, and in less than three years, the coin’s value has spiked by more than 40,000%. That right there is the stuff of a solid coin, and it’s why experts are betting on a 500% Bitgert rally.

Bitgert’s Fast Blockchain to Jet the Join to the Moon

For the most part, the Defi industry has struggled with slow and expensive blockchains frustrating innovative ventures and stifling creativity. The Bitgert blockchain on which Bitgert coin (BRISE) is built is bringing speed and affordability to solve these Defi problems. Little wonder the industry is quickly warming up to the network.

The blockchain allows users to operate on its network at an almost negligible fee, making it one of the cheapest around. It’s even more mindblowing when you consider you’re paying almost zero dollars for a layer 1 blockchain that can process 100,000 transactions in a second.

Staking and Community on Bitgert

Many of the most successful altcoins are backed by communities. And let’s face it, it’s the people (read investors) who drive crypto projects. The Bitgert project is solidly backed by a community of 600,000 Bitgert investors.

These investors are enthusiastic about the Bitgert project, and they are rewarded monthly with 6% passive profits on their Bitgert portfolio.


All the optimism around the Bitgert Coin is not just media hype. The project is backed by a solid community of investors and a growing blockchain. Bitgert Coin has proved its mettle in previous market trends. The coin is currently priced at $0.0000001531, and experts are backing it for a 500% rally.

To know more about Bitgert, visit https://bitgert.com


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