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Crypto Gambling in the United Kingdom, Picking the Right Platform


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A few years back, the idea of bitcoin casino and crypto gambling would have seemed odd given that nobody knew how this was all working to pan out for binary cash. It was not until the start of 2018 that an increasing number of platforms started accepting the idea of using bitcoins as a payment mode for gambling. The bitcoin casino is a relatively new term. These new online sites made specifically for bitcoin gambling have joined the race for your membership against an already competitive market. Using cryptocurrencies for gambling is a concept that has emerged as a widely popular solution in the UK, leading to numerous casinos offering crypto deposits.

The Recent Crypto Gambling Scenario in the UK & Challenges

In 2018, the online gambling industry in the UK surpassed $25 billion, as cited on Inc.com. A study by SuperData Research found that mobile gambling in the UK was up 70% year-over-year and that it now accounts for more than 25% of all online gambling.

However, the sheer number of websites offering online gambling makes it harder for a gambler to verify the reliability of a site. The mark of a reliable gambling site tends to be a byproduct of their reputation, and most players gravitate towards those sites not because of third-party validation, but rather the reviews they receive. By integrating blockchain technology, all parties benefit from the permanent record of a verifiable, unchangeable transaction ledger. This means that players are provided an assurance of where their money is going and that their results were generated fairly.

In addition, the availability of cryptocurrency option further opens the platform to the global audience, allowing them to place bets without worrying about geographical boundaries.

With so many platforms in the market, one can either check each site individually, search for reviews and game offering to choose the right gambling solution or check some of the aggregators or review platforms. The list generally includes reputed casinos in the United Kingdom along with top games, making it easy for one to pick a game and start playing.



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