A Chinese, cryptocurrency millionaire surprised onlookers in Hong Kong yesterday with an early Christmas present when, according to Asia Crypto Today, he took to the rooftops in a black hoodie and dropped thousands of HK $100 bills on the crowd below.

Teaching the World About Crypto

The man was identified as 24-year-old Wong Ching-kit. He owns the Facebook page “Epoch Cryptocurrency,” and believes it is his duty to teach the world what he knows about crypto. Online, he goes by the name “Coin Young Master,” while his page teaches readers all about bitcoin and its crypto-cousins.

Ching-kit also compares himself to Robin Hood, claiming he’s “robbing the rich to help the poor” per the source listed above.

Where Did It Go?

It is alleged that Ching-kit threw millions of dollars into the crowd, though at press time, police have only recovered about $5,000. Many took to Twitter to express their reactions, most of which were positive. One user, known as Mia Tam, believed that Ching-kit’s actions were a sign of an upcoming rally, and that bitcoin was in for another bull run. She writes:

“Chinese 24-year-old bitcoin millionaire Wong Ching-kit AKA bi shao ye (Mr. Coin) throws 100s of millions of HKD from the rooftop. He said, ‘he feels as if he is god and he is responsible to teach the world about bitcoin.’ Is this a sign of a bull run incoming?!”

Keep Your Eyes Open, People!

In a video posted to social media, Ching-kit is seen throwing the money to the crowd while shouting:

“Today, December 15, is FCC’s big day in announcing the trade race. I hope everyone is will pay attention to this important event… [I] don’t know whether any of you will believe money can fall from the sky.”

A Few Negative Allegations

Unfortunately, not everyone was pleased with Ching-kit’s actions. One user on Twitter – known simply as “boxmining” – commented in a separate post:

“We are better than this. Someone threw cash off rooftops pretending to be Robin Hood. Turns out he’s just a crypto scammer / sh*tcoin shiller.”

Other users responding to the post alleged that Ching-kit has been a promoter of several false or phony coins in the past including Filecoin, which one commenter mentioned had been involved in a potential pump-and-dump scheme. In addition, other users stated that Ching-kit’s actions of throwing fiat around was unprofessional and defeated the purpose of whatever crypto teachings he had to offer.

Ching-kit has given several interviews under different names. He made his initial fortune during the crypto boom of 2017.

Do you think Ching-kit’s actions were appropriate? Post your comments below.

Image courtesy of Shuttershock

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