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Crypto Octoberfest: Bithumb Launches Cashback Promotion for Overseas Users


Bithumb, the leading Korean cryptocurrency exchange, is holding a promotional event during which international users can benefit from a 70% payback on transaction fees.

International Users Can Earn 70% Cashback

Bithumb, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea has announced a promotional event dubbed as “OCTOBERFEST” for its customers. Overseas customers of the firm can earn a cashback of 70% of the transaction fees paid during the event duration. However, the payback is subject to conditions.

The details of the promotion were recently announced by the exchange in a press release and are also available on the company’s official website. According to the report, the event is an expression of appreciation by the company for the support and loyalty by its overseas customers.

The benefits of the event are applicable only to the platform’s international customers. Korean nationals and those registered with a Korean mobile number are excluded from the promotion.

The exchange has also been offering 20,000 Bithumb Cash for newly registered overseas users from last week if their total trades are over KRW 20 million (approx. USD $18,000). The new registration duration is from October 15th to November 14th, and customers can take part in both events simultaneously.

Commenting about the event, the Head of Marketing at Bithumb, Andy Choi, said:

We are glad to continue this event in October as well to reward overseas members for their support.

Promo Details

The event kicked off on October 22nd and will end on November 21st (KST). To become eligible for the 70% payback offer, qualified users need to carry out transactions totaling at least KRW 1 billion (approx. USD $890,000).

The payback amount will be credited in the customers’ accounts between December 10th, 2018 and December 14th, 2018 (KST). The cashback amount is capped at a maximum of 100 million Bithumb Cash (KRW) for each user.


Clarifying about the payback currency, the website says:

The cryptocurrency for payback is randomly selected among those Bithumb currently owns and is given according to the last day of event’s exchange rate.

The exchange has provided a “Check my trade volume” button on the promotion page. International customers who have executed trades during the promotion period can check their current trade volume by clicking on the button.

Participating users have been advised, “When depositing cryptocurrencies, please remember to confirm the deposit address generation in the ‘Wallet’ > ‘Deposit’ > ‘Individual cryptocurrencies’ page.”

Bithumb provides 24/7 phone support, including foreign language support for international customers.

The move by the exchange seems to be aimed at attracting more overseas customers. Offering a cashback promotion is a pretty solid idea, overall.

What are your thoughts on this promotional event by Bithumb? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock and Twitter/@BithumbOfficial.


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