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Crypto Ping’s Ongoing ICO to Make an Intelligent Crypto-Trading Signals and Alerts Bot a Reality


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The increasing demand for cryptocurrencies and their rising prices has made it necessary for not just traders but every cryptocurrency community member to keep an eye out on the markets. However, it is not feasible for most people to just sit in one place staring at trading charts across multiple exchange platforms throughout the day. Only if there was a way to get critical market alerts at crucial times so that one can have a profitable trading day. Crypto Ping has come up with a solution which does just that!

Crypto Ping, an intelligent bot platform for monitoring crypto-markets has recently announced a crowdsale to make the wishes of cryptocurrency traders come true. The Crypto Ping bot is designed to continuously keep track of the cryptocurrency markets and notify its subscribers whenever there is a significant movement in altcoin prices. By using loads of market data, statistics, news and constant social media monitoring, Crypto Ping intends to offer accurate market signals and forecasts.

The platform, with an exciting development roadmap, is currently working on making its service a reality. The support extended by cryptocurrency community to the Crypto Ping project is quite evident in the performance of its ongoing ICO, which started on May 25, 2017. Halfway through the crowdsale, Crypto-Ping has already raised over 241 BTC from over 1410 investors.

With another 15 days left for the completion of crowdsale, the Crypto Ping ICO offers an opportunity to the community to become part of the revolutionary project that can make crypto-trading more lucrative than it already is. During the ICO, investors can purchase CryptoPing (PING) tokens with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Waves, Dash, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. The platform has made 9 million PING tokens available for purchase, with the aim of raising a maximum of 1000 BTCs.

The PING tokens, built over Waves platform is being offered at a rate of 9000 PING/BTC. The tokens will be distributed to the participants one week after the completion of its ongoing ICO. The distribution will be followed by the listing of PING on leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms, offering an opportunity for investors to trade the digital currency against other cryptocurrencies.

The ongoing crowdsale is just the first part milestone on Crypto Ping’s extensive roadmap. It will soon be followed by many technical developments, making it the most comprehensive resource for the trading community. Crypto Ping currently has its bot functional on Telegram and users can try out its services for free until the ICO comes to an end.


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