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Crypto Slots and Provably Fair Gaming


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Cryptocurrency gaming is one of the fast-growing sectors in the blockchain industry with adoption at an all-time high due to various reasons like faster deposits and withdrawals, transparency, fairness and above all the lack of geographical limitations when it comes to making transactions. Even though the blockchain gambling platforms continue to be one of the major drivers of cryptocurrency usage, many of them are still lagging behind when it comes to innovation as they attempt to reduce the time and resources needed for development by implementing existing available solutions than creating custom solutions to meet their needs.

While the practice of using white-labeled or third-party games and software is not a big deal, it does limit the flexibility for platforms to provide features and value addition to its users. At the same time, not all the white-labeled games are transparent or provably fair, which also impacts the credibility of the platform as a whole. If that’s not enough, there have been few instances where the claims of some platforms to be provably fair was found to be untrue, which again doesn’t add much confidence to the gaming community to wager their money on them.

Slot Machine Games

There are literally thousands of game titles making rounds on various gambling platforms across the internet. The reason for such huge numbers is the popularity of slot machines as they are games of chance that can be played easily with even the smallest of bets possible. And thanks to digitization, it is now easy to create slot games in various themes. While slots may be fun to play, it comes with its own disadvantages that players rarely notice. Most of these slot games offered on various crypto gambling platforms are closed sourced/licensed games from third-party providers and a significant portion of them are not provably fair.

In fact, if one decided to pay close attention to the slot games on their preferred gaming platform, they will realize that apart from a handful of cryptocurrency casinos like MintDice.com, Crypto-Games.net, Bitvest.io, and others, none of the others offer Provably Fair Slots. Further, MintDice.com stands apart from the rest as it is a unique platform where most of the featured games, including the slots are designed and developed in-house from scratch. According to the company, they are building high quality provably fair games that are a rarity in the industry at the moment. So far, users had to choose between low quality provably fair games and higher quality games that are not provably fair. And MintDice wants to bridge this gap.

The Bitcoin Slots game on MintDice is a rage, which closely follows the platform’s top performer – Bitcoin Dice. Players on the platform have a choice between three variants of the game, based on their risk appetite. MintDice claims that its Bitcoin Slots game is the highest production value provably fair slot machine offering currently operating in the world.

Some of the other games on MintDice worth mentioning include – Pyramid, PowerMint Lottery, Castle Royale, Plinko Game, Bit Rocket Bitcoin Crash Game and more.

A Tip or Two for Players

Players are spoilt for choice with the number of crypto gambling platforms around. With these high numbers also comes a significant responsibility for the players, if they wish to save and possibly even multiply their earnings. It is always advisable to check for platforms or games that have a lesser house edge and is provably fair. It is better to take some time to learn about the platform, its game offering, reviews, etc., and then decide whether it is worth playing on it.

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