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Cryptocean’s Pre-ICO Gaining Huge Trust With ICO Expected To Be A Success


Successful Pre-ICO Of Cryptocean Is Crypto World’s Recent Buzz Cryptocean Expected To Hit the Crypto Market With Huge Success

May 15th, 2018 marks another great day for the crypto community as Cryptocean made its pre-ICO. The main ICO is scheduled for next month and even in its early pre-ICO days, Cryptocean seems to be garnering positive vibes amongst traders and investors. In addition to typical investors, other financial institutions are showing interest.

Yuri Myshinsky, Cryptocean’s founder and CEO is a visionary. Instead of competing and going against the traditional banking and financial systems, one of his and Cryptocean’s main goal is the integration and the merger of the two worlds. He envisions a safe digital ecosystem where services and functions of their crypto platform would blend with that of fiat and other standard services that banks and financial sectors offer. Cryptocean combines technological and financial services on a platform where fiat, digital financial assets, and cryptocurrencies all function within a blockchain system.

Myshinsky offers a Cryptocean Brief Presentation for those who want to know more details about the project. The developing team also made sure that Cryptocean’s various functions and platform are explained as simply as possible. Even those who are not much into cryptocurrencies would find it easy to understand compared to others where readers are bombarded with an endless array of unfamiliar technical terms. Many say this simple effort could have a profound impact in the long run as Cryptocean will be able to capture new markets. Cryptocean’s website is simply put, market-friendly.

There are now many more people aware of Cryptocean’s existence and what it can offer. It is impossible to deny the many functions Cryptocean has to offer. Cryptocean’s benefits are not limited to the crypto sphere, but also include traditional financial sectors and the consumer market as well. One of Cryptocean’s main goals and core values is insuring the legal compliance of their platform. They are complying to the legal standards of KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) while thriving in a decentralized ecosystem. This is not an easy task as many other digital currencies have been unable to comply legally while operating through decentralization. Cryptocean not only attracts traders and investors but many from financial sectors which offer related services. This is again due to the legitimate ways they can work or deal Cryptocean and how easily it can be integrated into their traditional systems.

Another factor which sparked the interest of many is Cryptocean’spairing of actual physical credit or debit cards with a smart account. The establishment of such a card actually brings in a market which is not familiar with the cryptocurrency platform yet giving them something which they can actually tangibly hold. Instant conversions of funds from fiat to digital currencies is also one of the features Cryptocean is keen on developing.

Analysts and experts in the crypto environment say that Cryptocean’s efforts in merging traditional systems with that of the crypto universe could prove to be a pivotal point in the financial world as this would mean wide adoption of blockchain technologies. The unification of the fiat and crypto worlds is one of Cryptocean’s main aims as this would enable the widespread use of blockchain technologies and allow Cryptocean to provide a valuable service while adhering to standard legal protocol.

At present, shortly after its pre-ICO, many are saying that Cryptocean will definitely have a positive future. Many await its final ICO next month and many more project that Cryptocean’s value will experience a positive boost as supporters are growing in numbers. Traders, investors, and others are keeping close watch to perhaps another big breakthrough in the crypto world with Cryptocean.


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